Thursday 21 May 2020

My Life In Thirty Seven Therapies by Kay Hutchison Book Review (Sent for review)

My Life In Thirty Seven Therapies by Kay Hutchison has been a popular book since it hit the shelves last year. Last month it was given an audiobook release, and I've been sent a copy to review.

This is a memoir which starts with the author leaving everything she has, and follows her through the 37 therapies she tries to find out the answers to questions she doesn't even know she has...

My life in 37 Therapies by Kay Hutchision Sent for review

I'm a bit of a therapy-sceptic, and I'm not known for being wishy-washy, so when I am offered 'therapy books' I politely decline. A light-hearted book about trying 37 of them appealed to me - will any of them be any good? 

At the start of the book Kay leaves her husband. She clearly doesn't know what she wants, but it isn't the life she has. The book has a very calm feel, even when what it describes is far from a calm situation. Kay meanders along going from therapy to therapy, never really 'searching', but always on the lookout for the one that really suits her. 

She tried vitamins, drugs, no drugs, exercise, talking, not talking, re-education, yoga, colonic irrigation, esoteric breast massage, voodoo and everything in between. It's a fantastic insight into all of the bizarre and wonderful therapies there are out there. 

We see into her world. Her loves, her family, her childhood, and her liking for Parma Violets. 

My life in thirty seven therapies book review sample text

Mostly what the book shows us though, is that we are a result of all of our experiences. The author was in a rut, stuck, exhausted and unsatisfied with everything. There was no magic cure for her, but a journey where she made many friends and learned a lot. Trying 37 therapies was never going to 'fix' anything, only add up to the tools Kay needed to be able to feel content in herself.

A light-hearted and sometimes very funny read, which is realistic and down-to-Earth, and never ever disrespectful. None of the therapies are dismissed - they all have something to teach. 

(From Yoga to Hypnosis and why Voodoo is Never the Answer)
is available now as a paperback (282 pages) or an audiobook from Red Door Books. RRP £9.99 paperback / £14.99 audiobook - Available for download on Audible, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Youtube and other streaming services

We were sent our copy of My Life In Thirty Seven Therapies by Kay Hutchison for review.

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