Friday 31 March 2017

Spin Master Ninja Spy Gear Children's Toys (age 6+) Review

Spring often sees the release of some of the more active toys, ready for outdoor play in the Summer. This Spring Spin Master have launched new additions for their range of Spy Gear: Ninja Gear and we've been sent the Transforming Ninja Sword and the Ninja Wrist Blaster to review.

The Spy Gear Transforming Ninja Sword (age 6+) is pretty awesome. Retracted it is around the size of a sturdy torch and in fact it is a real torch - but it unfolds at the touch of a button into a Ninja Katana 3 times the length...

SSshh! Don’t Wake Dad! Board Game Giveaway from Drumond Park (age 5+)

Last March we reviewed Sshh! Don't Wake Dad! for Drumond Park and it's remained a favourite all year. This is a board game with a twist in the shape of a sleeping animated Dad, who snores his way through the game and makes everyone jump whenever he is accidentally woken by the sneaky cake thief...

You can find my full review of Sshh! Don't Wake Dad! here, but gameplay is very simple. Players use a spinner to move along the track that snakes across the board, heading for the fridge and the delicious treats it holds. Each square you land on is a risk and you can get sent back to the start quite easily.

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Piddley Pix and Nottingham Comic Convention 2017

A while back one of my online friends announced that, along with her husband and a group of others, they were going to organise a comic con. Although it was madness, it made total sense as there simply wasn't anything local to them in Nottingham. 5 years down the line and they are currently organising the 5th Nottingham Comic Convention for October 14th this year....

They aren't only comic fans, Kev is a professional Graphic Designer and spare time comic book creator, so he knows a thing or two from both sides of the table. He has published several books under the guise of Piddley Pix and Kev Brett Cartoons...

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Ndemic Creations Plague Inc Board Game Review (age 14+)

Plague Inc has been ridiculously popular as a game app. and the creators, Ndemic Creations, have now released a board game version. No longer do you have to be a mad genocidal sociopath alone, you can infect the entire world with the Plague sitting at a table with your mates or your Nan - and actually it's REALLY good...

Plague Inc board game has a single player option called Plaguebot, or you can play up to 4 players competitively. In the box is everything you'll need and it's presented really nicely. The 'Death Dice' in particular is very special.

Friday 24 March 2017

Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow review (age 8+)

The Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow from Nerf is very different to your usual dart shooter. Suitable for children aged 8+, it has crossbow design with a pull back string and manual action - and a 5 dart rotating drum! I can honestly say I love this - the kids like it too.

We like Nerf and we've reviewed a couple of their products in the past, as well as buying many over the years for our children. Nerf make reliable and effective dart shooters that always have plenty of power to impress and an aim straight enough for truly competitive target battles. The Outbreaker Bow is a fine example.

Monday 20 March 2017

Pia - Gemstone Jewellery Collection for Mother's Day review.

According to their website, Pia jewellery collections reflect their passion for creativity and originality, and I think they're probably right. They sell original gold and silver jewellery and accessories from all over the world, each piece intended to be a timeless classic. A gift from Pia is intended to be a treasure that will truly last.

I've been sent a Blue Topaz Gemstone Collection to review. I chose this set as it's my birthstone and I really do love delicate silver jewellery. I was sent the Blue Topaz Gemstone Pendant, Three Drop Earrings and Three Rounds Bracelet. There are more than 35 other pieces on offer with blue topaz alone, so the choice across the website is very wide.

Friday 17 March 2017

Meccano 5in1 Motorcycle Set Review (age 8+)

Meccano is a time-served classic, and gives your child a host of useful skills that'll last them a lifetime. The 5 in 1 Motorcycle set is exactly as you'd expect, with instructions to build 5 different models using the same 174 parts - or just make up your own...

Inside the box the pieces are split into several small bags, and all fit nicely into the handy 'tray style' box. I love this, and it closes tight enough that it's a good place to store your spares and tools, or your entire set if you dismantle.

Thursday 16 March 2017

I'm Going To Blog On Linky

It seems like it's weeks until Blog On - that's because it is! However the linky is live already so that the attendees who choose to can get to know each other a bit beforehand. When you get to the conference, especially if you arrive solo, finding that person you chatted to online once about your cat's testicles really can break the ice.

Share a recent picture of you (if you are an anonymous blog, a drawing is fine). A recent picture which is a drawing. This is exactly what I look like, but with more wrinkles and flowery Docs - you can spot me by those.

Describe yourself in three words. Just. Keep. Swimming.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Smiles no.31 #tbcsmiles

I think everyone has found this last month a bit grim and pretty hard work, but over the last couple of days up here in Manchester the sunshine has lifted us all. Hopefully the arrival of Spring and warmth outside will make it all a bit less grey, whatever colour your sky.

The flowers begin to bloom, trees regain their green and birds chatter. Our outside world is waking up and reminding us that the world did keep turning. Time is both a gift and a thief. It moves memories further away, blurring those I don't like to remember, but stealing those I wish to keep.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

John Adams Booms, Bangs And Fizzes Science Set Review (age 8+)

Booms, Bangs and Fizzes is one of the new science sets by John Adams and promises "science that's a real blast". It sounds just the thing for my 7 and 8 year old boys, and indeed they were very excited when they saw it... and who wouldn't be?

Especially suitable for children aged 8+ (although they should always remain under adult supervision), we let our 7 year old join in only as long as I was right with him. Inside the box is an array of chemicals, equipment, paper and card and the very clear illustrated instructions, as well as essential (and comfortable) safety goggles.

Monday 13 March 2017

Spring Scholastic Book Club - our favourite books for age 7-8+

Scholastic release a new Book Club catalogue every 2 or 3 months, and my 7 and 8 year old boys were given their choice to review from the latest edition for World Book Day. They chose Dog Man Unleashed, Batman's Guide To Being Cool and Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Lush Cosmetics Easter Range Preview!

Lush hand make some of the most amazing cosmetics around, universally popular and a true indulgence. Lush products are hand made using fresh ingredients which are cruelty free, vegetarian, ethically sourced and GMO free. They are also really genuinely lush!

The Lush ranges include everything for personal care that you could possibly need, from shampoo and shaving, skin care and tooth polish to hair colour, perfume and cosmetics. A chance to check out their new releases for this Spring and Easter couldn't be missed, so I headed down to their Bury branch last night.

Monday 6 March 2017

Character World LEGO Batman Movie Bedding Review

LEGO Batman is the star of the show at the moment and couldn't be more popular in our house. All-round good guy and action hero who mainly wears black, he's cooler than cool. Character World have just launched a whole host of LEGO Batman Movie goodies and have sent my boys some for their bedroom...

We've been sent The LEGO Batman Movie Towelling Poncho, Fleece Blanket and Single Duvet Set.

Friday 3 March 2017

The Tinyme Amazing Alphabet AR Personalised Book Review

Tinyme are an Australian based company making incredibly beautiful and practical personalised products for children aged mainly around 3-10. My children are sadly getting towards the top of the Tinyme age bracket, and it is a loss. Their newest release is a personalised book with a free app - The Amazing Alphabet.

My delivery was within a week despite having to be personally printed, I was incredibly impressed. Minimally but safely packed in a cardboard envelope and double sealed plastic, it survived Hurricane Doris unscathed.

Thursday 2 March 2017

Hasbro Cluedo Junior Board Game (age 5+) Review

Hold the front page. Cluedo Junior does not feature a murder! This simplified, updated version of Cluedo has been designed especially for younger players aged 5+, and your aim is to discover which of the innocent-looking guests stole the cake!

Inside the box is everything you need to play: Plastic character tokens (including the new character Dr Orchid), the game board, press-out furniture tokens, special dice, stands and clue ticksheets. The character tokens are excellent little 3D models, which really bring their personalities to life.