Wednesday 29 March 2017

Piddley Pix and Nottingham Comic Convention 2017

A while back one of my online friends announced that, along with her husband and a group of others, they were going to organise a comic con. Although it was madness, it made total sense as there simply wasn't anything local to them in Nottingham. 5 years down the line and they are currently organising the 5th Nottingham Comic Convention for October 14th this year....

They aren't only comic fans, Kev is a professional Graphic Designer and spare time comic book creator, so he knows a thing or two from both sides of the table. He has published several books under the guise of Piddley Pix and Kev Brett Cartoons...

He has sent us a pile of treasure to take a look at, including several of his own books and Forest Tales: An NCC Comic Anthology.  Kev's style is very much about being an ordinary guy sat in the middle of a world that is happening around him. His books 'Work' and 'Pretend we are still having Fun' are observational, filled with everyday situations familiar to us all...

...And he shows his inner demons in the book The Making Of A Comic Con - I would have previously guessed it would be a pretty terrifying undertaking, but now I know it's something I'd definitely leave for someone else...

The longest of Kev's comic books I've been sent is Koala Konspiracy - a 52 page full colour wander into the likelihood of aliens among us, starring an ex-boxer who also happens to be a Koala. My 8yo particularly enjoyed this one...

Kev also included a real treat which shows unquestionably his artistic talent. We all love these familiar characters here and they've been claimed by our young boys for their bedroom wall...

The last thing Kev included is a copy of Forest Tales: An NCC Comic Anthology. This is a big 60 page collection of comics which has been compiled especially for Nottingham Comic Convention.

Forest Tales includes work from a host of artists with a fantastic back catalogue, including Marc Laming (Star Wars, Planet Hulk, Kings Watch), Roger Langridge (The Muppets, Thor, Popeye), Lorenzo Etherington (Long Gone Don, Baggage, The Phoenix Comic) and Steve Beckett (The Beano).

Truly something for all tastes, only £5 and the proceeds are split between Nottingham Comic Convention's chosen charities - currently they are supporting Royal British Legion, The Ear Foundation and Marfan Trust.

You can find Kev Brett online at Piddley Pix

Nottingham Comic Convention will take place this year on 14th October. More information on the Nottingham Comic Convention website, where you can also buy the Forest Tales Anthology Comic.


  1. I've sent this to my student dd who is at Nottingham Trent x @msedollyp

    1. Thanks Dolly! Hopefully it'll be of interest to her, be great if it was :)


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