Wednesday 25 July 2018

i-Top Electronic Spinning Top Game Review (age 8+) for Character Options.

As soon as we hear 'Spinners' now, we think of fidgets and I expected i-Tops to be similar, but in fact they are much more like the traditional wooden toys we've all played with - but with a brilliant use of electronics to count spins, create animations and keep high scores. Competitive spinning!

The packaging is really massive compared to the size of the toy and half plastic. It's really easy to pull open, but you aren't going to need it afterwards, so only a few points for Earth-friendly. It's Christmas-morning friendly though, batteries are included and play is instant once it's in your hand.

Our instructions seemed to be in every language except English, but you can download them or work it out from the diagrams - or find out most of it by reading below!

These are gorgeous tops. There are a few styles and 6 different colours with different qualities and names - our red i-Top for example is Vortex Red and should be incredibly fast. The weight is lovely and the pole in the centre folds away to keep it from being broken when not in use. They are incredibly tactile and actually turn out to be a great fidget toy - although they're a bit big for a little trouser pocket.

The age suggestion is because younger children may throw the i-Top and if you get a direct hit it will hurt, and possibly break. It feels very robust though and no damage has come to ours yet... touch wood.

Everyone knows how to spin a top, so everyone can have a go. The i-Top has LED's, which display your real-time spin score constantly, as well as the last score and highest score. It's competitive and addictive, and you can play to beat other people or yourself.

Stopping your spinner mid-spin means you can control the number of you score, and i-Tops have used this very cleverly. Not only can you compete against your friends to 'catch' a number, there are bonuses for specific numbers, which earn a special animation. 314 is Pi and 747 (if we ever get there) will be a plane.

Scoring 99 releases an animation and tots up a total for the '99 Challenge'. Score 99 more than once in a row and get a different bonus animation each time! We managed to catch a couple in our video (below).

Your i-Top can also tell you direction. Spin left, right, left, right to activate the Compass Mode. The i-Top switches off automatically after a few seconds of inactivity, so you can switch modes whenever you like. There's also a reset button, for daily high scores or in case someone scores something that none of the children can beat...

You can't really get the full effect in photos, so here's our quick look at the i-Top spinners in action...

Much, much more than a traditional spinner and frankly what we've always wanted from a spinning top, i-Tops make it possible to really work out who has the best spin and the quickest catch. The bonus animations are excellent, and you feel genuinely proud and excited when you get one. All i-Tops are missing is the low hummmmm my 1970's Fisher Price metal spinning top used to make...

i-Tops are made by Goliath, distributed by Character Options and available now in a variety of colours and designs. Suitable for age 8+, rrp £14.99 from all good retailers including from Character Online

We were sent our i-Tops for review. Amazon links are affiliate and I earn a few pence each time you order, so I can save up all year and then buy the cat a novelty Christmas stocking - but you never pay any more.


  1. This looks like a lot of fun to play. I can imagine it gets a little competitive. I did have a wee chuckle at the 1970's spinning top. Remember those days xx

    1. Awww I miss the old toys, back in the days before plastic was everything :D The dangerous toys hahaha

  2. ¿Aún se puede conseguir la versión anterior de esta pirinola, donde uno elegía en que modo jugar?

    1. I'm sorry I don't know if these are still available to buy. You might be best looking on sites like Ebay or Amazon in case someone still has stock.


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