Wednesday 18 July 2018

Hexbug Robot Wars Arena review (age 8+)

The Hexbug Robot Wars Arena is a small scale replica of the real arena, with a large printed floor, barriers and screens and remote controlled robots made in the image of some of the most famous and popular robots from the TV show. It's really quite exciting.

Robot Wars used to be a really big deal in our house. For many years we sat and watched every episode, we even went to see it live and have a collection of remote controlled 2ft high models in the loft somewhere. We're also quite keen on Hexbugs and have played a little with the Battlebots. A Hexbug Robot Wars Arena has to be a great thing.

Unpacking takes ages, so be prepared with scissors for all of the cable ties. We also needed batteries as they weren't in our press sample, but yours should be included. 2 x button cell AG13 for each of the 2 controllers and 3 x AAA for each of the 2 robots, plus a small crosshead screwdriver to open the battery compartment.

Assembly is a different story. Everything clips together in under 5 minutes and your arena is ready for battle - the same for disassembly.

The barriers are very nicely done and feel excellent quality, with a realistic clear screen above - just like the real thing! Sadly the pits and burners are just drawn on, but it's very effective. Everything dismantles, but the thin laminated Dial Of Doom is stuck on, which will mean it'll likely get bent in storage.

The robots are great. We have Impulse and Royal Pain and they're very detailed, very pretty and incredibly robust. They really can battle with their working weapons and attachments, including a plough, axehead and pitch fork.

To win, knock off both side impact bars from your opponents robot. They attach magnetically, which is awesome, as it takes barely a second to reassemble.

There are even stickers to show kills and damage, or just look menacing. Despite my boys and their mates playing with them for the last week, everything is still completely intact and functional.

Pair your controller to your robot - making sure any other robots and controllers are well away - and off you go. You have a choice of channels and can actually battle up to 4 robots at once. It's loud and manic enough with 2!

The direction controls are super obvious and there's a 'switch button' to activate the weapons - press on / press off. My kids don't remember to press off and end up with their weapons on the go all of the time. This is annoyingly loud. The controls work okay, although the robots do turn a little when you aren't expecting it, but they're really fast! This is when you remember it's Hexbug - they're nippy little robots which shoot off at full pelt and it takes a little getting used to.

You'll get a much better idea if you see them in action, so here's our unboxing and review...

Hexbug Robot Wars Arena is recommended for age 8+, and it does take some control and caution, so that is right. I'm really impressed with the speed, robustness and the controls work well. I wish my children would switch off the weapons when they aren't using them, because it is very loud - but great fun.

Hexbug Robot Wars Arena is available to buy now from toy shops including Smyths, at the very fair price of £79.99rrp. Find out more about Hexbug, see the full range and all of the accessories on the Hexbug website.

We were sent our Hexbugs Robot Wars Arena for review. 

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