Wednesday 11 July 2018

Gravity Touch Wireless Charging Base Review for [Fuse] Chicken

[Fuse] Chicken are a really innovative company who design products that look good and really last. They make accessories for phone, tablet and computer users, and we've been sent one of their new premium Aluminum, Leather and Bamboo wireless phone chargers - the Gravity Touch.

[Fuse Chicken] care about looks. They are modern and forward thinking, and the Gravity is available in sustainable bamboo or leather with high strength aluminum. I've gone with bamboo and it is a really attractive item to have either on the desk or bedroom table. Subtle and understated, yet classic and very smart. It's pretty much exactly what I want from a phone charger.

I've had a wireless phone charger in the past and that one wasn't ideal. It looked like a coaster and if my phone wasn't exactly in the right place it didn't charge. The Gravity Touch is a whole new ball game. A phone shaped charging base which doesn't rely on precision placement. Suddenly charging really did become as simple as putting down my phone.

I'm impressed with how slim the Gravity Touch wireless charger is. Less than 8mm thick, you can barely see it when my phone is on top. It's very light and easily portable. Included in the box is a standard USB charging cable which is quite short at 50cm (just under 20"), but obviously you can use your own cables.

It has small protective rubber feet underneath and the aluminium makes it incredibly robust. It feels like it's built to last, and it'll certainly survive a few falls onto the floor. Mine already has, and not a scratch yet.

The Gravity Touch will work through my current phone case, but depending on your case it can overheat, so don't do it overnight or leave it unattended. Charging is, as expected, slower with the case on. Very handy for a quick top-up before you go out though.

The Gravity Touch is compatible with tons of phones, including iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note as well as most other Android phones that support wireless charging. I use a Samsung S8. There is a blue light on the charging base itself to show when it is currently charging your phone. This automatically goes out when the phone is fully charged or removed from the base.

I trust [Fuse] Chicken to make products with longevity. A couple of years ago we reviewed their Titan USB charge cable and liked it so much we bought some more. Since then, of the 5 Titans we have, only one has failed and none have been eaten or damaged. That's an excellent record for something that spends half it's life being thrown into a bag or stood on. It's saved us a fortune, a heap of annoyance and it's protected our rabbit from a potentially nasty shock. You can take a look at my review of the Titan Charging Cablefor more information.

You can find out more, including details of the other products they make, on the [Fuse Chicken] website. The Gravity Touch Wireless Charging Base is available to buy now from The Conran Shop and will be be available in more UK outlets over the next few months. 
Rrp Gravity Touch Leather £49.95 / Gravity Touch Bamboo £44.95 / Gravity Lift £64.95.

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