Saturday 25 August 2018

The best adult party game ever! Clickbait The Game review for Big Potato (age 14+)

Clickbait is the description for an outlandish headline or title designed to make anything seem exciting, although in the case of this game it's probably a fair description... Suitable for 3 or more players aged 14+, it's your job to think up the snappiest and most enticing clickbait. It's fast. fun and the answers can be hilarious - and sometimes genius! Sometimes not....

My game arrived in ridiculously exciting packaging, and I was even forced to open it immediately and play a test game with my 8 and 9 year old boys. Clearly they couldn't resist the clickbait... and possibly the very cool, unusually-shaped box.

Inside the box is everything you'll need, including pencils and paper for 8, game cards, instructions and special letter dice.

There are 5 different dice and they each have a selection of letters. Each round the dice are rolled to decide the initial letters for words in your answer. You can only use each letter shown once and you don't have to use all of the letters. Your answer will be a maximum of 5 words long.

Officially the game can be played with 3-8 players, but you can have more in teams, so this is a brilliant party game. You do need at least 3 though, as players take it in turns to assume the role of Referee, swapping each round.

Gameplay is just about the least complicated thing ever. The Referee rolls the dice and takes the top game card. They read out the card and then leave it face up on the table next to the dice, so that the players can all see it. Players then create their clickbait phrase to really promote that product and lure in any unsuspecting internet-browsing would-be buyers.

We decided it's up to the referee to decide when time is up, although we found we barely ever needed to hurry someone along. You either think of a great answer pretty quickly or draw a complete blank and write something completely random. It works so well, because no round ever takes more than a couple of minutes, and you only need to win 3 rounds before you win the game. Again, excellent for parties and or a get together with friends.

Each game takes around 20 minutes total. The cards are clear and the products really are really varied, so anyone can give an answer and anyone has a chance at winning each round. Your answer can be clever, witty, funny, straightforward rude or risque - something to suit everyone!

This is a 14+ game and very often obvious or hilarious answers are easily a bit saucy or contain double entendres. Attempting to play with youngsters needs a firm bite of your tongue and definitely isn't as funny. Playing with your own young adults or teenagers is funny, and you get to tut at them and then embarrass them by saying something they'd never expect.

We think this is brilliant. You can't play the same game twice, however many times you play. Some of the clickbait created is worthy of being actually used, some of it is truly dire. That would probably be actually used too, let's be honest...

Clickbait the game is distributed by Big Potato Games - who have loads of more grown up and independent games ideal for those who like something a bit different. Available to buy now from your local games stockist or online, including from Amazon, at a very reasonable rrp £20. Lose 20lbs instantly!

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We were sent our copy of Clickbait The Game from Big Potato for review. The Amazon link is affiliate, which means I earn a few pence if you buy through my link, but you don't pay any more! 

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