Monday 6 August 2018

World Calligraphy Day 15th August #SaySomethingSpecial

World Calligraphy Day isn't just about showing off your calligraphy skills (thankfully because mine are very limited!), it's about getting everyone writing. Manuscript Pen Company have partnered with Birmingham Children’s Hospital and created the ‘Say Something Special’ campaign.

The campaign is encouraging as many people as possible to write a special letter to the children in  Birmingham Children's Hospital. These can be sent to: Say Something Special c/o Small Man Media, 2nd Floor, 6 Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4BL. All of the letters will be forwarded on to Birmingham Children’s Hospital alongside some Manuscript products for the hospital to use for their art classes and play sessions.

If enough letters are sent then they'll be displayed during World Calligraphy Day at the Pen Museum in Birmingham. The Pen Museum isn't just a museum, it has loads going on and if you are interested in trying out a real quill or taking part in a Calligraphy Workshop, it's the place to be...

If you don't fancy writing a letter to Birmingham Children's Hospital patients, then why not write a letter to someone closer to you. Maybe you know someone who is in hospital, or you have a relative or friend you haven't see in a long time. Receiving a hand-written letter is more special now than it ever has been...

We've joined in with the #SaySomethingSpecial campaign. My 8 and 9 year old boys have demonstrated their best handwriting and so have I - sadly though, we are not even going to attempt calligraphy as we'd need a few hours practise. It's something I've always been fascinated by though, maybe one for my retirement...

 If you want to see a calligrapher in action. there are some amazing examples on Instagram and it's really therapeutic viewing.

You can find out more about World Calligraphy Day, Manuscript and all of their very smart writing products on the Manuscript website.

We were sent our Fine Liners and Brush Calligraphy Markers for review.  

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