Thursday 16 August 2018

48 Months #TBCSmiles

It is time for this month's smiles, and it has been a pretty hard month for us. The Summer holidays are full of memories and waiting for results is very difficult to stomach, even if you disregard anything about the stress of the actual outcome.

Our young people, no doubt like yours, worked so hard and all had to keep going when they already had more than enough stress. Our household was not a happy place yesterday and one of our teenager's future career depended on really tough entrance qualifications. Thankfully that wait is now over and it's with a huge amount of pride that I say we will have 3 young people at University next month.

Not getting what you hoped never makes you a failure, it just makes it more difficult to take that path. There are a million more routes and a billion other options. You are so much more than your exam results.

Yesterday marked 4 years since we lost our 16 year old, Elspeth, and it made this week especially hard. I wrote about that yesterday, and I have to thank everyone who sent messages, replied to posts, commented, changed their profile photo or shared a sunflower. You are always there for us, and we couldn't be more thankful. To have so many people who care makes us richer than any amount of money ever could. Thank you.

Being able to make people smile is a quality exams can't measure, and you really did supply some amazing smiles this month. So many beautiful grins and laughter - and lots of them for Kate from Witwitwoo, who was taken from her family unexpectedly. She taught us that to be bikini-ready all you needed was bikini, and Instagram was full of people who stepped out of their comfort zone to #bemorewitwitwoo. She'd be so proud of you all - and the multitude of smiles created in her honour.

It was impossible to choose this month's #TBCSmiles, so the boys and I narrowed it down and then let my partner pick 9 of the brightest for this month's collage. I very kindly took out all of the bikini shots to save his embarrassment...

These smiles were shared by the following Instagrammers:

Anyone can join in, just use the hashtag #TBCSmiles on any photo with a grin, laugh, chortle or chuckle! We need more grown ups next month to balance it out!

We have still had our own smiles, and hundreds of them! We've been busy with the Summer holidays, we've been to the CBBC Summer Social and we've done loads of 5 Minute STEM activities. Never let anyone tell you science isn't fun!

And our first photo all together for many years...

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  1. Just love these photos and smiles. Thank you for including mine. And sending you love and thinking of you all x


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