Monday 27 August 2018

KODAK EP101WG Full HD Security Camera Review

The KODAK EP101WG Security Camera has full HD video with app. controlled remote pan and tilt that really does allow you to see entirely around your camera, even directly below. It is a waterproof, outdoor model which allows you to record to SD card or Google Drive and we've been reviewing it for the last 3 weeks.

We live in a suburban house in Greater Manchester. Our street and the people in it are lovely, but even so, we have had theft from our garden in the past and we've also had vandalism. A security camera is something we think is a wise idea.

In the box is all you need barring your own device for the app. The camera itself (with mount attached), aerial, instruction booklet, power cable and fixing kit, including a very handy allen key/screwdriver tool.

Obviously there is also a tiny portion of LAN cable already built into the unit should you wish to hardwire your internet, and very kindly KODAK supply the joining unit for the LAN cable.

The camera is really nice looking actually. It has 12 LED's and is lighter than you'd expect, but very strong. The whole unit is incredibly light and takes a lot of strength from it's shape.

The camera is wireless or wired, and records to a Google Drive account or to MicroSD card (up to 128MB, not included) via the touch of a button on the app. Without an SD card you don't have the option to save to Google Drive.

The camera obviously needs to be able to survive outside, and you can push all of the essential wiring into the back of the unit, just! Fixing to the wall is via the 4 included screws and took very little time. Drilling the small hole through the wall for wiring is the longest part of the job.

The EP101WG can be used by itself or as part of an integrated Kodak Home Security System. When you download the free app. you are prompted to choose which you need, as the full 'Connect' app. is very large and has many integrated features. We only have this camera at the moment, so we downloaded the smaller 'Security' app., which is still suitable for up to 1 camera and 6 security accessories.

Through the app. we can set up the system and choose passwords. Activate and deactivate the camera remotely, as well as adjust or change the camera angle. View live images, save camera videos to the SD card or attach to a Google account for cloud storage and receive notifications immediately if there is a malfunction.

The app. is massive once you get into advanced settings, with controls for sensitivity and setting areas you don't want to be covered by motion detection, as well as notifications, setting or returning to default view angles or 'home positions', saving videos etc.

The instructions are really the only fault we've found so far. The controls are mostly intuitive, especially to someone who has grown up with a touchscreen. For anyone 40+ you actually need a little bit of a clue or some direction to start. Pinch and drag the screen to zoom or move the camera. It's incredibly simple as long as you realise.

Saving and downloading videos isn't quite so intuitive and we had to turn to the support pages, but there is an excellent Kodak EP101WG support page online. To record for 1 minute press the 'record' button (third from left above). To download your video to your phone, choose settings, events, set the filter date and then view or download.

We've found the camera itself very easy to use. Movement is really quick and very easy to control. I can track my kids across the garden and zoom in to see what's in their hands. Range and angle are fantastic, with 270 degree movement side to side and 90 degree movement up and down.

 The 'Home' setting, which returns the camera to any one of 3 pre-set views, is brilliant. Another feature is the 'snapshot', an instant photo which saves to your own phone - no memory card needed.

Wifi connection works well with a good signal, and you can hardwire. Signal is real-time with very few drop outs or patchiness and it's a really clear, sharp colour picture - even when you use the zoom feature. This is digital zoom, so does not record as shown - you'll see the whole image.

The camera has 12 LED's built-in and even at night this camera is great. Night vision is automatic and range is given as 5-10 metres, but you can see quite clearly a good distance further away.

Even the zoom works well in night vision. I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised by how clear it is. It was very dark at this point, and we have no security lights there.

Here's a look at the camera in action - day and night:

Kodak have a number of points on the side of the box, here's how they perform:

Easy Installation - it really was. Drill a hole in the wall, poke the electrical cable and if necessary the hardwired internet cable through, attach the camera outside.
Remote Monitoring - yep. Anywhere, any time.
Cloud Recording - We haven't tried this yet.
Motorised Head - and it has pretty much full vision in any direction around it, including directly downwards.
Wi-Fi Connection - works really well if it has good access to signal.
Motion Detection - 'Arming' the camera means it seeks out movement and notifies you. This can tie in with different security system products.
Integrated Microphone - good clear sound, but only from where the camera is in sight and range - it can't hear people chatting behind our (admittedly very dense) hedge.
Night Vision - Brilliant, truly brilliant. Incredibly good image.
For Outdoor Use - Ours has already survived belting rain and wind and bits of tree blowing off in it's direction. Good so far!
Upgradable - add on features and integration to a security system mean this is a really useful piece of kit.

Overall we are incredibly impressed. Features like those in the KODAK EP101WG were the stuff of dreams merely 10 years ago and mainly confined to business use. It's easy to set up, use and control. Recording needs an SD card, but that's attainable to everyone and there's no ongoing cost, even with Google Drive storage.

Don't forget that any video equipment can't be directed at public areas, neighbours gardens or members of the public without genuine good reason and you may even have to register with the ICO. Look at the Government webpages for current guidelines.

The KODAK EP101WG Security Camera has an rrp of £169.99 and is available now from all major retailers or direct from KODAK online. Go to the website to find out more about the entire KODAK Smart Security Systems range.

We were sent our KODAK EP101WG Home Security Camera for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence of you buy through my link, but you don't pay any more. After watching this we're saving up for a hedge trimmer! 


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