Wednesday 22 August 2018

Treads Shoes revisited - How have they performed so far?

Treads shoes are designed especially with longevity in mind. Sensible, water-resistant shoes which have special reinforcement and a moulded sole which is firmly fixed into the shoe.

My youngest is a livewire. He never stops moving and even when he's sitting down he's kicking his feet and rubbing them across the floor. After he destroyed 3 pairs of shoes between Christmas and April, I was delighted when I was asked to review Treads.

You can see my Treads school shoes review here, I was impressed from the start, but the important thing was always going to be "will they survive?". Just how realistic is that 1 year guarantee? I promised I'd return to them and now seems as good a point as any... and I'll be more than happy to come back again if they still fit in another 4 months time...

It's not been a year, but I would expect to have to buy new school shoes for September. I'm delighted to report that not only do his shoes fit, they are still in excellent nick! They're a bit scuffed on the toes, but nothing like his previous pair after only 2 months! We have given them a genuine trial and haven't polished them - I will give them a spritz before September though...

I'm really pleased. You can see the state of my son's previous shoes. He does demolish the toes and hasn't managed with the Treads - it's a real win from me. I doubt he will stay the same size until next April, but if he did and I have to buy new shoes before then, I'd still feel more than happy.

Treads have the added bonus that you avoid having to go into a shoe shop. With my boys being 8 and almost 10, they have size 1 and 4.5 feet. They are older and able to tell me how shoes feel, whether they are comfortable or slipping. I was a bit wary of measuring their feet myself, but it worked and my sizing matched perfectly the shoe sizing.

Personally I find shoe shopping is usually a nightmare and they rarely have the style you want in the size that fits. Being able to just order them online was a real relief, especially for one of my children, who struggles with trying new shoes and making decisions.

I didn't mention my other son's shoes because he isn't hard on footwear and hasn't worn them for football as much as his brother, so it's no surprise that his look almost new...

Treads only make traditionally boy's school shoes at the moment, but they are a new company and a girl's range is hopefully on it's way next year. Shoes cost £35-45 a pair, with free UK postage, free returns, free trial and that very exciting 12 month guarantee against everyday destruction. Check out the Treads Shoes website to find out more.

We were sent our shoes free of charge for review. 

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  1. These sound and look like they are really lasting well!
    I really do hope they start to make girls shoes soon. My youngest is terrible for getting holes in hers. x


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