Tuesday 18 September 2018

Scrawl Grown Up Party Game Review for Big Potato Games (age 17+)

Our latest big kid adult game review for Big Potato Games is brilliant. It's called Scrawl and it's a grown up game (recommended age 17+) because it can all turn out a little risque or NotSafeForWork, in fact it's pretty much guaranteed. The game suits 4-8 players, but you can have as many as you want if you play teams. It's hilarious and makes an excellent party game, ideal for young people or when friends are round and the kids are in bed.

Inside the box is everything you need, including 8 white board pens and 8 little felt board wipes, 8 bulldog clips and writing boards, loads of 'Scrawl cards' for writing/drawing on, scorecards and game cards with 240 different scenarios to play.

The rules are incredibly simple. Before play starts, decide which 'colour' of scenario you will play for this game, as there are four to choose from on every card.

Every player takes a scenario card from the pile without showing the other players what it says. They then have to draw the scenario using a pen and a writing board - images only, no words.

There is no set time limit, but you could always have one if you find someone is very meticulous. We didn't need one. Don't show anyone your artwork!

When everyone is ready, pass your boards to the player to the left. They have to look at the artwork and guess the scenario, which they then write in words only on a scrawl card and clip it to the front, hiding the image. When you're all ready, pass again to the left.

You get the idea. Keep alternating description in words and glorious gallery-worthy artworks until you've gone around the circle, clipping your scrawl cards in front of the previous one to hide it.

When you get your own board returned to you, then players take it in turns to reveal just how quickly their scenario turned into something completely different. I honestly think it's unlikely we will ever get any of these to end with a correct answer....

Scores are kept on the scorecard, with each player giving 1 point for their favourite guess or drawing. A correct answer (or a miracle as I think we should call it) gains an instant 3 points and a Bob Ross Award For Interpretation.

Scrawl is incredibly funny. Chinese Whispers with drawing and utter confusion. There's no way you can take it seriously and somehow, the worse the drawings are, the better your chance of actually getting it right... Or maybe that's just our experience. (The answer to this scenario is at the bottom of the page, just in case you can't work it out from my fabulous rendition).

Scrawl is available to buy now from all good games stockists instore or online, including Amazon*, rrp £25 and a bargain at that. Find out more about the whole range of games on the Big Potato website, or check out my previous Big Potato Games reviews.

We were sent Scrawl for review. The answer to the scenario above is of course, "Saying Goodbye". The ladder was incidental. It was meant to be a train track... sheesh *Amazon links are affiliate, in hopes that I may one day retire to a life of luxury. If you buy this game through my link I'll earn a few pence, but you won't pay any more. If anyone buys a yacht through my link I'll personally thank them, and even make them a cup of tea. Probably.

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  1. this sounds great fun - My husband is really good at drawing and I'm not so I think it would bring much hilarity ;-) love Bec


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