Wednesday 5 September 2018

SuperZings Series 2 Review! Children's Blind Bag Collectibles(age 4+)

SuperZings - Rivals Of Kaboom are a great little collectible rubber toy that are exactly the type of thing my 8 year old adores. Made by Magic Box Toys, the same people who created Star Monsters and Zomlings, they are available in various sets and blind bags and prices start at only 80p rrp for a single character. We were sent a big box full to review, much to the delight of my 8 and 9 year old boys...

SuperZings are the 'Rivals Of Kaboom' and there are 80 different rubbery characters to collect, split into heroes and villains. The heroes are led by Candy Strike and the villains by Pumpking.

There are different types of heroes and villains to collect, each group has 6 members including a silver coloured Captain, and they are all based on regular items children will know, such as toothpaste or a chunk of cheese. There are also some Super Crystal variants and special metal coloured variants of characters. It all seems to make total sense to my kids....

As well as single blind bags (80p rrp), a good place to start a collection is the Starter Pack (£5 rrp) which has a Comic Guide, 1 very special 'metal' colour Superjet and 4 SuperZings. The metal effect Superjet is a bit special and my boys were very impressed. The detail is excellent, even close up.

Hideout Blind Packs (£1.50rrp) have a nifty little canister with a closing door and one Superzing. The door rotates to close and the mechanism is so easy that an adult can open it with your thumb, so even small children won't have a problem turning it.

Superjet Boxes (£2.50rrp) have 1 SuperZing with a really cool little vehicle.  These are frankly excellent value and the vehicles are well made and interesting with loads of little details - the exhausts are great. .

The characters sit in the vehicles beautifully and there is just enough clutch that they don't fall out during play, but are easy for little fingers to put in and take out. The big beefy wheels are perfect for carpet or grass.

Finally we were sent a Blister 10 Pack (£10 rrp) which has 9 regular SuperZings and 1 guaranteed special Super Rare SuperZing. Our super rare is the leader of the heroes, Candy Strike.

Here are my boys opening the box of treasure and giving their opinion on their SuperZings bundle...

As a family we've seen many different collectibles come and go, and I've always felt we had value from these little Magic Box Toys, as my youngest especially returns to play with them again and again. I love the prices and although they're blind bag, we got a really good mix, plus any child can be guaranteed a 'Super Rare' by asking for the £10 set for Christmas.

SuperZings are made by Magic Box Toys, who also made Star Monsters and Zomlings.  We even used Zomlings in our STEM activity - the Spoon Catapult. No doubt the SuperZings will also find themselves flying across our landing at some point...

Available to buy now from lots of supermarkets and toy shops, including instore at the Co-op and The Entertainer or online from Amazon. Perfect stockingfillers

We were sent our SuperZings bundle for review by Magic Box Toys. Amazon links are affiliate, alas it won't make me rich, but I earn a few pence each time you spend £1 as a thank you for adding the link.

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