Monday 25 June 2018

OK Play Ultimate Travel Game Review for Big Potato Games (age 8+ )

Big Potato Games are a relatively new discovery for me and I'm delighted to be working with them. Over the next few months we'll be reviewing a good few of their games for older children, teenagers and adults, and the first is one which I was given at BlogOn Conference - OK Play. A tile game for 2-4 players that anyone can play, anywhere...

OK Play is well packaged in plastic, which is discarded once opened. My kids trashed ours. This is a bad re-enactment of  'in the original packaging'.

The entire game clips together and can be carried around easily, so it really is as good as it's promise and perfect to take anywhere. The game comprises 15 tiles in each of 4 colours, stored on a specially designed 5 part holder, with a carabiner clip on top to attach to your belt or backpack or another place where people have loops.

The plastic tiles are really tactile and the way they stack together is very satisfying. They also make a clink noise similar to play money. The colours are bright and easily distinguished by my colourblind children. They really are an excellent fidget for almost any sensory seeker.

The rules are few and gameplay takes moments to learn.

Choose a colour and take turns to place your tiles on the table, or floor, or carpet, or wherever you are playing. The aim is to create a row of 5 of your colour. You can place tiles anywhere beside another tile. When you run out of tiles, you can take one from the table and put it somewhere else. You can't ever place a loose tile by itself on the playing surface, or remove a tile which leaves another one floating alone. They must always have at least one other tile beside them.

Your row of 5 can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal - as long as it's straight, and there is no board, and no predetermined 'edge'. Play can lead anywhere

We've played this a lot. Each game only lasts around 5 minutes, unless there are 2 strategists playing each other, in which case it could potentially take aeons. In the same way that draughts or rummy can be played casually, but also played with a great deal of forethought and strategic planning, OK Play has something to please everyone, plus an element of luck which can destroy the most carefully designed setup.

The more alert definitely have an advantage. Moves are swift and you need to be able to spot rows and potential rows forming. Being able to think 3 or 4 moves ahead is an asset, so although anyone aged around 8+ can play, younger gamers will have to hone their skills before they have an entirely fair chance of winning.

OK Play is a really good game. It really does suit anyone, I've challenged 4 people to a game today and all played without question. I won half the games too. You can pick it up and play instantly, there is no set up time, and your playing surface can be anything flat of almost any size or footprint.

The portability is brilliant. This is a very light and compact game, the pieces are bright and easy to find in grass or on the beach. Rain won't bother you and OK Play is entirely washable. The ultimate travel game is a fair comment.

If you don't have time to go into town and browse, you can find out more about OK Play and the whole range of games for kids of all ages on the Big Potato Games websiteOK Play is available now rrp £19.99 from toy and game stockists including your local games shop, or buy online, including Amazon (where it is currently £15, affiliate).

We'll be reviewing all of the games shown below over the coming months...

We were sent OK Play to review. The Amazon link is affiliate, so you don't pay any more, but I earn a few pence if you order through my link (as a thank you for adding it).


  1. What a great we game to take on the move xx

    1. Yep. Brilliant for going anywhere really - it's already been played a lot in the garden! :)


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