Wednesday 20 June 2018

Cobra Paw from Bananagrams Family Game Review (age 6+)

Cobra Paw is a really quick game for 2-6 players that demands ninja-like reflexes and will really sort the quick-thinkers from the more sedentary game players. From the manufacturers of Bananagrams and played with beautiful domino-style printed stones, it takes moments to learn and anyone aged 6+ can play.

Called Cobra, yet mysteriously cat-themed, inside the box are your 21 Clawfuku Stones, 2 Catnippon Dice and a rulebook. The box is really small, so it's great for shelf storage. It's also pretty attractive and a nice quality item, and makes a great gift. The style of the whole set is modern yet classic, so suits most tastes. Full marks for no plastic packaging.

The Clawfuku Stones feel great in your hand and are very tactile. You don't get to hold them though sadly, they mainly live on the table.

The 2 Catnippon Dice are specially decorated to represent the symbols on the Clawfuku Stones. I love that the decoration isn't only a print, it's actually etched and painted. It's a shame the stones aren't actually 'stone', but I'd imagine that would be very much a Deluxe Edition and would cost substantially more if they ever decided to manufacture it.

Gameplay is straight out of the box and couldn't really be simpler. Players take turns to roll the 2 Catnippon and spot the matching Clawfuku. Grab it first, win it. It's that easy. If you have your finger on the indent in the centre of the Clawfuku, you were there first. Snatch 6 stones to win the overall game. It's fast and really warms you up...

I win. I win a lot. I don't know why, but it's embarrassing. I'm not saying I'm a ninja, but... I stopped playing and let them all have a real go, it's just as much fun watching them all lunge across the table to try and touch the stone first.

There are several alternative games in the instruction leaflet, and the rules for 2-player are very slightly different, but there's lots of shouting out and scrabbling on tables. This is a really light-hearted game and a great opener for a games night.

Cobra Paw is a really good game. Instant to play and suitable for all age groups 6+. It's fast and frantic, and can get quite competitive, but always in good humour. A full game can last around 5-15 minutes depending on how many times you have to roll the dice for someone to win 6 stones. We all really enjoyed playing, although the adults are still slightly quicker than the younger children overall.

Made by Bananagrams, Cobra Paw is available now rrp £14.49 from toy stockists instore and online, including Amazon (affiliate link). You can find out more about their entire family of games on the Bananagrams website.

We were sent our copy of Cobra Paw for review. The Amazon link is affiliate, so I may earn a few pence if you buy through my link, but you won't pay any more. I'm saving up for a luxury cat hotel for Gary, or oven gloves. I'm undecided.  

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  1. This looks like a great wee game. Very interesting xx


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