Wednesday 6 June 2018

StikBot Movie Castle Set Review for Zing Toys (age 4+)

We are big fans of StikBots. These little jointed characters have suckers on their hands and feet, and are perfect for your amateur film makers to practise with. We've been sent the Movie Castle Set to review, and it's a fantastic backdrop and accessories for our next StikBot movie...

Inside the box are lots of pre-cut sheets of construction material, accessories, 1 x StikBot, a sheet with loads of stickers and instructions. You don't need anything else, this is glue-free and slot-together.

The construction material is incredibly light with a foam centre layer covered by glossy wipe-clean paper. The glossy surface is perfect for the StikBot's suckers. It's easily bent, but easily bent back and repaired with clear tape if your younger film-makers get carried away. The cuts are perfect and it was all pressed out of the sheets in a minute or two with no tears,

The set is suitable for age 4+, so I left my 9 year old in charge and he had no problem following the instruction sheet to create the castle with drawbridge, ballista and catapult. He took well under and hour and could have been quicker. I think my youngest would have it built in 15 minutes.

Your gold StikBot figure is of course King Of The Castle and is already 'wearing armour'. He also comes complete with a crown, bow and arrow and 7 other plastic accessories, as well as 4 of the brand new hand clips, so your StikBot can actually grip.

The hand clips are neat little items and work very well. They wrap around the StikBot's sucker and have a tiny clip at the bottom. It's something we've wished we could do in the past, so being able to hold objects properly is a really great touch.

The castle itself is actually awesome. I'm so impressed, I wasn't expecting something so sturdy and attractive - and big! The whole castle sits on base plates and it is around 42cm x 55cm - and then it opens out for play, making it even bigger. Plenty of room for 2 children to play together.

There are two turrets which can be stood on, a platform that runs all the way around the inside upper floor of the castle, a large tower with 2 floors, flags and torches and a working drawbridge and castle gates. And a barrel (water, obviously).

The only thing left is to start the free StikBot app. and make our movie. We've written about this before, you can find out how we got on with earlier movies and the StikBot Zanimation Studio here. The app. is incredibly simple and my children can use it without help. This is my 9 year old's first movie. It's only 5 seconds, but took him a lot longer! It has excitement and adventure - with some mild peril (no StikBots were harmed in the making of this movie).

The StikBot Movie Castle Set is available now rrp £21.99. From all good toystores instore and online, including Amazon, where it is reduced to £20 at the time of typing (affiliate link*).
Find out more and check out some of the things you can do on the StikBots Website.

To see more of our StikBots, here is our 1 minute StikBot Zanimation Studio video...

We were sent our StikBot Movie Castle Set for review. The Amazon link is an *affiliate link, which means you don't pay any more, but I earn a few pence in the pound when you order through my link. It keeps us in bulk hot chocolate. Almost.

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  1. This looks so much fun. Doesn't it look awesome? Love your wee animation xx


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