Tuesday 26 June 2018

Petit Fernand Personalised School Name Labels and Lunchboxes Review

I really like Petit Fernand's personalised products for children. Attractive and long-lasting, they have great illustrations and some nice touches. My 8 year old has used one of their lunchboxes for the last year and we are incredibly happy with it, so when I was offered the opportunity to review, my 9 year old especially was very keen I accept...

We were given a budget and chose a personalised lunchbox for my 9 year old and personalised stick-on name labels for both children. It took less than 5 minutes to create my entire order, and even though delivery is from France, we had our products within 5 days.

The website is incredibly easy to use, so easy in fact that there's nothing to explain. There are a huge number of options for personalisation and there really is something to suit everyone, with classic, modern. nature, space and lots of other styles and images.

Petit Fernand specialise in name labels, with high quality, long-lasting iron-on name labels for clothing and stick on labels for smoother surfaces. I want to label shoes and P.E.Kit, so chose stickers.

For sticky labels there are 4 shapes, 32 backgrounds, 9 fonts and 100 illustrations to choose from. Boringly both boys chose the same shape, background and font, but at least a different image - ninja and alien.

When labelling clothes, you are best to choose the iron on clothing labels as they are more resistant to tumble drying and stretching, but the stickers can also be used as long as you put them onto washing instructions and branding tags. I have photoshopped these images to remove the surname from labels.

The labels feel really good, with a slightly stretchy, rubbery plastic and application was super-easy. The printing is incredibly clear and precise. Only time will tell if they last as long as the school shoes themselves...

We were lucky enough to win a Petit Fernand lunchbox last year and it's been brilliant. My youngest is very rough and tumble, but except for one carelessly broken clip, it's immaculate. Despite well over a hundred meals and the associated washing and wiping, the print is still perfect and nothing is loose. Designed to last.

The lunchboxes are very clever and don't need a name label as names can be printed on the front. My children don't like their food to touch and so the 4 compartment Bento style works brilliantly.

The compartments are a bit small for sandwiches using large loaves like Warburton's unless you remove crusts, but there are 4 different sections, so there is plenty of room for more than enough lunch to satisfy anyone.

There is a removable built-in cool pack, which can be put into the freezer and has been incredibly welcome this week. Your lunch box is microwave safe (with an opening vent on the top), and the whole set up is incredibly easy to wash. Very user-friendly for the lunch-maker and the eater.

Petit Fernand even very kindly added in a replacement clip for my 8 year old's lunchbox. They are great with replacements and customer service are happy to help. They don't even make a charge if you only break a clasp.

The Petit Fernand sticky school labels start at a mere £3 for 10 labels, which is all I need this year. I love that the minimum order is so small, and labels have free postage anywhere worldwide. Larger items, such as lunchboxes or mugs, have a fixed £6 charge for postage. 

The Petit Fernand lunchboxes cost £22 each, and I honestly think it's worth the extra. My older children may have loved their old Star Wars and LEGO lunchboxes, but they are quite jealous of their younger siblings with their cool food and lunches that aren't jumbled up together - and in this weather I feel safe sending them with sausage rolls or other meats. 

Find out more and order on the Petit Fernand website.

We were sent our lunchbox and stickers for review. The first lunchbox is the blue one and we won that last year in a giveaway! 


  1. Love THESE
    Love YOUR piccie more x

    1. Hahaha thank you! They are excellent lunchboxes - especially in this weather!! :) The boys are pretty excellent too, even if I do say so myself :D


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