In July 2013 my previously fit and healthy partner became ill with Viral Meningitis. He still has limb and hand pain over 5 years later, and his short term memory is very poor, with gaps in his long term memory. Without any warning his life changed forever.

These are the posts that I started writing at the time, and what I have written since. Some of them aren't in any way my best writing, they're me trying to get my head straight and keep a record of what is happening. I'm very glad I wrote them because those first few weeks passed as a blur, and I wouldn't otherwise remember everything that happened, and my partner cannot remember very much of 2013 at all - either before or after the Meningitis.

Meningitis can strike anyone, at any time. It usually occurs because a simple bacteria or virus enters the brain, where it should never be. My partner's Meningitis was caused by Chicken Pox virus.

Meningitis is not just for kids - How To Spot Meningitis In An Adult.

Day 1 - 2 hours from "I don't need a Doctor" to "I don't understand who these people are".

Day 2 - Diagnosis

Day 3 - Feeling better and escaping

Day 4 - No change

Day 5 - A step back

Day 6 - Talking to the children about Meningitis

Day 7 - The Lumbar Puncture results! 

Day 9 - Plodding on 

Day 14 - Movies and Memory

Day 18 - The unwelcome return of the high temperature  

Day 20 - The Birthday Present 

Day 22 - I have my man back 

Day 27 - A first day trip out 

Day 28 - Back to work for a few hours at a time

6 Weeks - Approaching normal 

9 Weeks (2 Months) - Stalemate

14 Weeks - (3 Months)  - A More Normal Life

17 Weeks - Some hope regarding limb pain and tiredness.

26 Weeks (6 Months) - How Far We've Come  

31 Weeks (7 Months) - Continuing Pain 

52 Weeks (1 Year) - The Longer Term Effects Of Meningitis

5 Years - Meningitis 5 Years Later


  1. awh I'm really sorry to hear that.
    My son had meningococcal meningitis & renal failure when he was 15 months old (he's now 10 years old) which has left him partial deaf,he has no hearing whatsoever in his left ear & limited hearing in his right so wears a hearing aid in that,he also has behavioural problems x

    1. And I'm sorry to hear about your son! My partner's hearing is really poor now, but fortunately he isn't completely deaf in either ear. You must have really gone through an awfully scary time with your son, I'm so glad that he is still with you though. Behavioural problems hopefully will get better with time, as he learns to strategise and find his own way of coping with everyday situations. Thank you for commenting, strength to you and your son xx


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