Wednesday 21 August 2013

Ozeri Touch Sensitive Digital Kitchen Scales

A few months ago I set fire to my kitchen scales by accidentally leaving the bowl on top of the hob when it was on. Because it was my own stupid fault I've made do with guesstimating measurements ever since, which is okay, but too much sugar makes cookies crispy and too much flour makes bread heavy or cakes dense and we've had a few disasters and 'interesting' results which I knew were really due entirely to poor measurements.

When I got the opportunity to review kitchen equipment from Ozeri I was really pleased to see 'Kitchen Scales' on the list. Ozeri make some gorgeous products that are not only about practicality, they're very much about style, so I was really looking forward to them arriving.

My parcel was very well wrapped

And I was delighted with what I found when I unwrapped it - the scales were far nicer than I'd actually even expected. The glass is specially tempered to be 4 times stronger than regular glass, so despite the incredibly thin design, they're still very strong.

They do show up fingerprints and marks really easily, but because they're made of glass, just a quick wipe and it's gone.

The scale measures through 4 sensors on the feet, so you can place any shape of container or ingredient on the glass surface to weigh it. It weighs in increments as small as 1g (0.1oz) up to 5250g (11lbs) very precisely.

The scale is powered by 2 Lithium batteries, which are included and should last for a very long time.

You can also weigh in several different units, here in mls, which makes it really easy for my teenagers to use and makes adding solids and liquids to a mix really easy.

I'm really delighted with these kitchen scales, they're absolutely gorgeous and look great in my kitchen. They currently retail on Amazon at a staggering £12.95, which is a good price for any kitchen scale and especially so for something that looks and performs so elegantly. My only problem now is whether to make a souffle or some fudge!


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