Monday 23 February 2015

Green Toys Recycled Plastic Children's Tool Set age 2+

I'm sad to say that this will most likely be our last review for Green Toys. My two young boys love them as much as I do, but at very nearly 5 and 6 1/2, we're getting to the top of the age range, so it's time to pass the job on to somebody else. Our Green Toys will continue to be used - mainly in the bath, garden and sandpit!

Green Toys Recycled Plastic Toy Tester Reviews

I don't need to tell you how impressed I am with Green Toys, I tell you every review, and I'm not disappointed with the Green Toys Tool Set. It's very nicely done and sturdy enough to withstand a lot of rough play from my 4 year old handyman.

Green Toys Recycled Plastic Children's Tool Set Review age 2+

As ever, great recycled and recyclable packaging, and the toy itself is entirely made from 100% recycled plastic milk bottles. It can all be submerged, scrubbed and even washed in the dishwasher.

Green Toys 100% Recycled Plastic Children's Tool Set Review age 2+

Although on the face of it, this is a tool set for younger children, it actually has extended play because of the range of tools included, and the use of lettering. My 6 year old is having as much joy learning the names of all of the tools and fixings, as my 4 year old is 'repairing' things.

Green Toys Plastic Children's Tool Set bag of fixings screws nails

The inclusion of different tools means that there is ample opportunity for children to practice several different skills. There are lots of strengthening hand movements including grip and twist, and the child has to decide the correct tool for each type of fixing, and use angles and precision to make it work.

Children demonstrate grasping and twisting using play tools
Children demonstrate precision using play tools

There are words to learn and many questions to ask. The child will spot the real-world equivalent in everyday use and this can lead to all sorts of understanding about different materials, crafts, furniture making, DIY and household repairs - and my boys favourite - mechanics!

Children playing with Green Toys made from recycled plastic

Children playing with Green Toys made from recycled plastic milk bottles

This is a great toy. All of my children have loved playing with tools, and they've all spent time banging a chair with a play hammer and 'unscrewing' doors and anything else they can find. I love to expand a child's vocabulary, so my 6 year old already knew the difference between a phillips and a flat screwdriver, but he didn't know 'wrench', which led to a chat about English and American English.

Children demonstrating fine motor skills using recycled plastic play tools

I am impressed with this tool set. Although it's 'pretend', the nails, nuts and bolts will fasten the plates to the tool box, and the tools actually have weight and feel quite 'real' to the children. I would not have felt comfortable giving this set to my youngest until he was around 3 because he has always been a hammerer, and you can give quite a hefty hit. I like toys to stretch children though, and I think learning about tools, who uses them and why, and thinking about how things are made and fixed, gives your child incredibly valuable life skills.

The Green Toys Recycled Plastic Children's Tool Set currently retails at £19.99, has 15 pieces and comes in 2 different colour schemes. 

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As with all of the other Green Toys, we were sent the Tool Set for review by the people behind Bigjigs Toys  - and it's been great working with them over the past year or so. Thank you.


  1. That tool set looks fantastic! I absolutely love Green Toys, the durability, the ethics behind the brand and just what lovely toys they are - LP has a few Green Toys and loves them! Sad that we won't be seeing more Green Toy reviews on The Brick Castle though :( x

    1. I've said I'll come back when we have grandchildren :D
      My boys play with them, but it feels wrong to have my boys review when they're 5 and 6, and a 2 or 3 year old can get all that additional enjoyment for a few extra years :)

  2. What a shame you won't be reviewing anymore, it has been great reading your reviews on all of these fantastic toys. Tools are never something we have had but I could see F loving playing with something like this.

    1. Yeah, I agree, and that's why I've stepped down. My boys won't use these in general play much except when they're in the bath or outside, and that'll only be the next Summer or two. It's someone else's turn :)


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