Thursday 12 March 2015

Personalising T-shirts with buytshirtsonline

It's always great for children to be able to explore their own creativity and make something fabulous, and in my experience if it's something they can wear it's even better. When they are small they like to make masks and hats, and as they get older the opportunities for expressing your own individuality and creating your own clothes really open up.

T Shirt decorating and personalising with the two youngest children

buytshirtsonline sent a us T-shirt Kit so that my 2 younger children could let their inner artist escape and get creative, designing their own personalised t-shirts. The boys chose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and LEGO transfers for their t-shirts, and when they came they were delighted!

buytshirtsonline t-shirt kit with fabric pens

As well as the iron-on transfers the kit also contained a pack of fabric paint pens, and 2 plain white Fruit Of The Loom t-shirts. I'm a big fan of Fruit Of The Loom, I must wash about 40 printed t-shirts a week, and I know Fruit Of The Loom keep their shape really well, and are very good quality.

Fruit Of The Loom T Shirts from buytshirtsonline

Before adding the transfers I positioned them using another t-shirt as a guide. It's always wise to check positioning as its really easy to end up with the transfer too low or too high on the t-shirt.

Positioning a transfer on a t shirt before ironing

The instructions told me to lay my t-shirt on a couple of tea towels, iron it and then iron on the transfer, making sure to go right to the edges all around.

Ironing a transfer onto a t shirt

And then let it cool a little before carefully and smoothly peeling off the backing paper - that's the bit I hate! Both of our transfers worked perfectly though.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Transfer in place on t shirt

LEGO Transfer ironed in place on t shirt

Then it was time to really let lose and give my 4 and 6 year olds the fabric paint pens. I made a stupid error here and forgot to place some card or newspaper inside the t-shirts to prevent the paint bleeding through to the back - luckily it's not too bad. Don't make the same error though - especially if your children are a bit free and easy with the paint!

Children decorating t shirts with fabric paint pens

My children chose not to have any words, and were quite reserved in their decorating. Here we have the final designs and two very proud and happy boys who have their own very special t-shirts unlike anyone else's..

T shirts decorated and personalised by the children

I think you'll agree that it's hard to tell which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are iron-on transfers, and which are drawn by my youngest...

children wearing persnalised t shirts with LEGO and TMNT

Using the kit was loads of fun and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone. It can be hard to let your children have a truly free hand when you feel you know better yourself, but it's so lovely when they can say "I made this".

buytshirtsonline sell Fruit Of The Loom T-shirts in all sorts of weights, sizes and up to 18 colours, as well as just about any other item of clothing that can be printed or personalised. Children's t-shirts cost from 76p each in plain white if you buy loads for a school or club, and can be sold printed from only £1.10 each. All orders placed before 4pm weekdays are sent out the same day for next day delivery. Fabric paints and pens, and iron-on transfers are available nationwide at craft stores, haberdasheries and online. For more details please see the buytshirtsonline website.


  1. love this what a greta idea

    ps in the last photo I though his arm was missing

    1. Hahaha - no, he wouldn't stand still! They were dancing about and swinging about everywhere :)
      It's such a nice fun thing to do - all my children have really enjoyed making t-shirts :)

  2. What a lovely idea and something I imagine all children would enjoy doing.

    1. I think so. I used to do fabric pens and t-shirts with the children in my toddler group, and it was always very popular with the children :)

  3. Love the ideas for kids to design their own clothing.

    1. It's great. They think it's proper special and can be really proud and show off to everyone :)


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