Monday 23 November 2015

The Christmas Gift That Lasts All Year From

I'm a huge advocate of buying books for Christmas, but books aren't the only things we can read for pleasure. are the UK's leading magazine subscription site, offering subscriptions to hundreds of magazines, covering every topic you can you can think of and they usually work out substantially cheaper than buying each edition separately - regularly less than half price.

A magazine subscription is much better on your waistline than chocolates, and lasts longer than smellies. It really can be the gift that keeps on giving.

The savings by subscribing are possible because the magazine manufacturers aren't sending copies out to sit on a shelf and then go back, there's very little waste in the form of paper and ink, delivery, time and effort, so the savings from all of that can be passed on to you - and better yet, each issue is delivered to your door free of charge.

The UK's most popular magazines, including Prima, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Esquire and National Geographic are all available to order via with savings between 36% and 71%.

Grand Designs costs £32 for 13 issues, saving 40%
Red costs £25 for 12 issues, saving 48%
Jamie costs £9.95 for 5 issues, saving 50%
Top Gear costs £19.99 for 6 issues, saving 31%

Of course it's not just the most popular magazines that you'll find. Another massive benefit to subscribing is that you get to choose from a much bigger range than you will find in the shops locally to you. Some magazines only survive due to subscribers, as they are very niche.

Carp-Talk is the only magazine I noticed at full shop price at £95 for 51 issues.
Today's Quilter costs £25.99 for 6 issues, saving 28%
Your Family Tree and Mineworld both have a special introductory offer, costing £1 for 3 issues, saving over 90%.

Some magazines are available with even greater savings as Digital Only copies.

Children are catered for too, with Adventure Time, Story Box, Match! and Games Master side by side with Puzzle Club and How It Works.

I've subscribed to magazines for my children before several times, ensuring we get every edition delivered free of charge, and our free gifts are always there. It is a real treat for children to have a magazine delivered with their name on, and they never miss an issue - even when you're away.

Magazines are brilliant for beginner readers as the text is usually broken into smaller chunks, with plenty of images on each page. The magazine can be read in snippets more naturally than a novel. They're brilliant for adults for the same reason - as we don't often get long to read at any one time because of our children! 

I'll be receiving 3 subscriptions over the coming months and reviewing the magazines on the website blog The Hub. I have chosen magazines for my small boys as I think they deserve a treat. Because they like to read Beano comics and magazines in bed, I've chosen them The Beano, Dennis & Gnasher and Adventure Time. What would you choose? 


  1. I'm a fan of magazine subscriptions too. Last Christmas I bought one for my dad and he was really pleased. It's a great idea for those people who are difficult to buy for. This year I have signed the boys up for the Nat Geo Kids magazine for 6 months, so I'll see how they go with that and extend it if they enjoy it. :)

    1. I do love Nat Geo Kids - I think your boys will really appreciate it too, they'll lap up that information :)

  2. My daughter loves the Jackie Wilson magazine so I'd pick that

    1. If it had been a few years ago a couple of ours were really into her books, so it'd would have been well read here too! :)

  3. Mini gets Match on annual subscription from his Nana for Christmas. He loves it as it comes every week and its a great gift. I have just sent this to my best friend as she has been looking for the Minecraft World subscription but couldn't find it.

  4. i still love reading magazine and we have been ordering through them.


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