Monday 12 March 2018

Fletter Game Review - Fast-Paced Tabletop Card Word Game For Age 8+

Our latest game review is the tabletop card game, Fletter. A quick fire word game for 2-4 players , using 110 specially designed cards. Fletter is easily portable and a great game for taking away with you. Recommended for age 8+, although the letter cards are also brilliant for younger family members to practise their spellings or even learn their letters.

There is no packaging as such, merely storage boxes and Fletter is a very compact game which won't take up much room on the shelf. Inside the box are two packs of cards, identical except that 1 is blue and 1 is green, each with 50 letter cards and 5 Flettered Cards.

The aim of the game is to score more than your opponents. Points are scored in a similar format to Scrabble, by creating words, each letter of which is worth points. At the end of the round points are added up and the highest scorer is the winner.

All cards are dealt equally to the players, except the 10 Flettered Cards, which are a forfeit. Players take turns to reveal their cards one-by-one by placing them face up on the table until everyone's hand is empty. You play Fletter in 4 rounds, starting with a 3-letter word round.

Whenever a player spots the letters to create a word, they shout it out. If they are challenged and it isn't an acceptable word, they take a Flettered Card, which loses them 2 points from their final score. If the word is right however, the player takes those cards and keeps them, and if they were challenged, the challenger has to take a Flettered Card. In the event of a tie, the letters are removed from play - harsh, but fair.

The 4 rounds increase by 1 letter each time. We found that it was really hard to think of words with the correct number of letters for each round, and lots of forfeits were 'won' that way. 3,4 and 5 letter words were easy enough for our newly 8 year old, but with 6 he was really out of his depth and he conceded defeat, happy enough that he'd scored just fine in the other rounds.

Fletter is loads of fun and we all enjoy it a lot. With all 4 rounds lasting around 20 minutes and needing a playing area only a small table to play on, this is a good game for when you don't have all night, and it's brilliant for taking away with you. As you play, you will not only get quicker and better at Fletter, these are skills that we use all the time.

Playing Fletter is an excellent way for younger children to practise their word formation and spelling, and for older players to learn new words and hone their spelling skills. Brilliant for memory and concentration, and definitely a good one for 'thinking under pressure'. Sometimes you know a word is there, but you fumble and stumble and it's on the tip of your tongue. Fundamentally Children agree with me - they liked Fletter too, giving it 4 stars fun and ease of use and 5 stars for skills development in their Good Toy Guide.

We really enjoyed Fletter. Playing with the children I did feel at times that I was in danger of just winning everything, but I work with words all day, so I have a massive advantage over even other adults. I think to be fairer in future, I would give my younger children a few points to start with, although they were both delighted with the scores they did achieve and definitely didn't feel like losers, plus it really won't be long before they're giving me a run for my money.

Fletter is available to buy now from the Fletter website, £7.99rrp with free UK shipping. Excellent value for a really good tabletop card game that everyone aged around 8+ can play - and younger children can use the cards in a multitude of ways to learn letters, practise making words

We were sent our copy of Fletter for review


  1. That looks like a fun game. One that could be taken out and about x

    1. All you need is a surface to play on - it'll great for long train journeys or evenings when you are away, as well as simply for at home :)


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