Tuesday 18 December 2018

Beasts Of Balance Family Game Review (Age 7+) Sent by Sensible Object for review.

Beasts Of Balance is a fantastic family game which we first came across over two years ago when it wasn't quite complete. It was so beautiful and had so much potential that I'm delighted to see the finished product hasn't had to make any concessions. Last week we were sent a copy to review and it's been well-used already!

Beasts of Balance is a 'digital tabletop hybrid stacking family game' for 1-5 players aged around 6-7+. Different animals, elements and special artefacts are balanced in a tower and using the free app. you see them as they interact with each other, your world grows and evolves - until the moment it tumbles....

The box is gorgeous, easy to open, very strong and perfect for storage afterwards. You'll need 3 x AA batteries and you have to download the free app. to play, but that's pretty much it. The rules are only online (I'd rather have a physical copy to refer to), but they are intuitive and easy and you can start to play straight away.

Inside are 25 pieces, including loads of exciting and beautifully rendered soft-touch plastic Artefacts:

1 Plinth
6 Beast Artefacts
2 Miracle Artefacts
3 Migrate Artefacts
3 Cross Artefacts
10 Element Artefacts (each with a mix of 2 of the elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire)

The app. gives you a tutorial walkthrough to get started and then you can play solo, competitively or co-operatively. Each Artefact has a different effect and the symbol on it must be touched against the matching symbol (sensor) on the front of Plinth before being added to the tower.

When you add an animal it shows on the app. in the correct habitat. By adding Element Artefacts you nurture and enhance your beasts. Miracle Artefacts have a more random effect, Migrate Artefacts send your creatures off to live somewhere new. The Cross Artefacts are special. They cause 2 of your beasts to merge together and create a hybrid. There are 600 possible beasts in all to discover.

You can watch the the action in your on-screen world as you add more Artefacts to the tower, and sometimes there are on-screen prompts to follow. The Toucan is a flying beast, so Air is needed on the Plinth.

Inevitably your tower will collapse and you have a very limited time to rebuild - prompts on screen add to the tension. In fact they make it so much harder to rebuild as you fumble everything and watch the volcano fill up with larva!

The shapes of all of the Artefacts mean they have several possible flat edges and can be added in several orientations. It means you never play the same game twice, it's always different and as you play you learn extra tricks for more complicated balancing. It is all very addictive...

Beasts Of Balance is a brilliant game. We've really enjoyed playing together and no-one has had a chance to play solo yet because it's too popular. It's gorgeous to look at, both the physical playing pieces and the illustrations and animation on the app.. Balancing is somehow innate and humans can't resist it, and this is a game that really taps into that. Everyone enjoys playing.

Beasts Of Balance is made by Sensible Object and is suitable for 1-5 players aged around 7+. Available to buy now rrp £69.99. Find out more about Beasts Of Balance and it's Expansion Packs, Sensible Object and their games on the Beasts Of Balance website - which at time of typing has 10% off with the code on screen and free postage on orders over £50! Also available at toy stores including Amazon (aff*)

We were sent Beasts Of Balance for review. *Amazon links are affiliate because games are lovely but won't feed the cat. If you order through my link then I get a few pence as a thank you, but you don't pay any more.

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