Wednesday 6 February 2019

Toilet Trouble Flushdown Game Review (age 4+) Sent by Hasbro.

Bizarrely February 4th was National Poop Day and Hasbro very kindly sent us one of their family games to celebrate, Toilet Trouble Flushdown. This is one of the simplest games we've ever played, but it's also one of the funniest and it's been a huge surprise hit!!

Not what you might think, Toilet Trouble sees the two players battle it out to see who can spin the roll of toilet paper quicker than the other. The slowest has the forfeit - a face full of water...

Toilet Trouble Flushdown Game Review box front

I usually avoid games like this because, well, mess, water, crying children etc, but it simply isn't like that. The jet of water is very tiny, under a teaspoonful, it's just the surprise which makes you laugh, but you don't really get wet at all.

Toilet Trouble Flushdown Game Review box contents.

Everything is in the box except for 3 x AA batteries, for which you'll need a small crosshead screwdriver and assembly couldn't be easier. The unit can be disassembled really quickly so that you can store it in the box afterwards - yeeeay! There's also very little plastic packaging.

Toilet Trouble Flushdown toilets assembled assembly is easy

Press the button on the top and hear the flush, that's your cue to start rolling. Music will start up and the frantic rolling starts. You can see the toilet lids opening and closing depending on whether you or your opponent are in the lead. When the other lid shuts completely, your toilet will squirt you with the jet of water. Or vice versa...

two boys playing Toilet Trouble Flushdown  you don't really get wet

Clearly not one for a civilised dinner party evening, this is definitely better suited to the youngsters in the family and the young at heart, aged 4+. You're braver than me if you will face a 4 year old in this game! Children are just as good as adults, and somewhat more ruthless!

We love this game. Despite it using real water it's incredibly quick to get out and put away, and it's hilarious. Anyone can play, it's easy to give a handicap to better players by making them use one hand, and children and adults can play on an even level. Genuinely loads of fun, this is one we've already had out several times and it only arrived at the end of last week! 

Toilet Trouble is made by Hasbro and available to buy now priced £17.99rrp, but currently on offer at shops instore and online, including Amazon (*Aff)

We were sent our Toilet Trouble to review for Hasbro Toy Tribe. *Amazon links are affiliate and I can earn a few pence if you buy through my link, but you don't pay any more. It helps keep the website running as I was not paid to review. 


  1. That looks so much fun! I find a lot of these games featuring toilets and stuff pretty gross, but this looks like a great laugh. Also, it's a HUGE bonus when a game fits back in the original box for storage. Love the video, it had me laughing out loud.

    1. I'm with you! I've truened loads down because I already heard all the toilet jokes I need to for one lifetime, but this seemed something my youngest would enjoy. As you will have spotted in the video - he's also incredibly good at it!!

  2. This sounds brilliant. I am sure all my kids would love this. Such a great review x

  3. This really is a fun game, I was surprised! Something so simple but we both had smiles on our faces when we played it! :) Sim x


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