Monday 20 July 2020

Teen Calm Subscription Box Review (Sent for Review).

The Teen Calm box is exactly what it sounds like - a box full of soothing and relaxing goodies to make any young person feel cared for and calmed. I was asked if we'd like to receive a box to review and as I don't have any actual teenagers here at the moment, my almost 12 year old son said he'd happily take a look. 

Uncertainty and changed plans are things my son finds quite hard, so a global pandemic and closing schools aren't exactly what he'd have chosen for 2020. I know he isn't alone. Teen Calm has come along at the perfect time... 

Teen Calm Box Review (sent for review)

Boxes such as this are generally aimed at girls, so I'm especially impressed with the fact that Teen Calm have worked hard to make their product accessible to everyone, with a feminine or gender-neutral option. 
"Teen Calm is for anyone who needs their confidence lifting and a little reminder that they’re not alone. Any teen out there who feels left out, anxious, or in need of an extra boost, will benefit from the Teen Calm subscription box."
Although their main business is in subscriptions, you can also order a one-off Mystery Box, also in feminine or gender-neutral. 

Teen Calm Box review outer packaging

Inside everything is wrapped in tissue, which my son really liked - apparently boys don't often get specially wrapped packages, so that's a win. And it is true. 

Teen calm box review inside inspirational card

So what was inside the Teen Calm box?.... 

Teen calm box review inside contents whats in the box

Loads! There was lots inside that little box, and my son was very pleased with his treasure. It's all excellent quality and a lot is from smaller independent suppliers. 

A gorgeous and very handy Elephant Notepad. A Banana Blast Face Mask - this will be my son's first face mask. A very delicate Wish Upon A String string bracelet, "for your worries". A beer mat game from one of our favourite gamers, Ellie Dix at The Dark Imp. An 'On Cloud Nine' Fizzy Bath Bomb (he is a big fan of bath bombs). 

Teen Calm subscription treat box review elephant notepad quiz face mask bath bomb

There's a copy of Fearne Cotton's book 'Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect'. I haven't yet read this, but it sounds like a book with a message which every young person should pay attention to, and it has good reviews. 

Teen Calm subscription treat box reviewfearne cotton book Happy let go of perfect

There were some sweets, which my son chose to have in the bath with his bath bomb (which was excellent by the way). Star of the box for my son is the Mohdoh, which is an essential oil infused soft tactile dough, and it is really nice. I loved this too. It has Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Lavandin, and feels really soft in your hands. It's incredibly relaxing.  

Teen Calm Mohdoh Calm essential oil play putty

The Teen Calm box is actually very calming. My son and I were both very 'awwwww' as we examined the contents, it was all really much a box of treats and smelled lovely. He feels it's a great reward for his excellent end of year report (last one of Primary). He has been very anxious recently, and this really is a lovely thing to pass on, and he spent an hour relaxing in the bath! 

The Teen Calm Box and the one-off Mystery Boxes are available now from the Teen Calm website, where you can also find lists of useful resources for parents and young people who struggle with anxiety. We all need to stop sometimes, remind ourselves we are doing brilliantly, and have a treat. 

We were sent our Teen Calm Box for review. 


  1. Interesting that there’s feminine and gender-neutral but not a masculine option. Although the box does sound great I don’t think my older teen would be great with it (even if a cuddle blanket would calm him). Sounds great for my almost teen though.

    1. I think it can be very hard for any teenage boy to express his softer side, even now. I think they'd love it, but not quite allow themselves to - if you get me!

    2. Did you get the 8-11 or 12-16 box please?

    3. Hiya Joy. It is the teen box, 12+, just in case you didn't see the message on social media. I didn't go through the 'buying' routine on the website, so I hadn't actually realised there were different aged boxes! :)

  2. This looks like something my nieces would love. Will think about this for their birthday xx

    1. It is such a nice treat - it really was very 'soothing' if that makes sense, and made my son feel special :)

  3. We have been sent one of these to have a look at and we think they're such a lovely idea and packed full of fantastic treats. They are something I will be buying in the future x

    1. They are really nice aren't they? I bet your girls loved it. It's nice to feel special, and I think this achieves that :)


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