Monday, 12 October 2015

50 Utterly Silly Stories from Miles Kelly Books (age 7+)

50 Utterly Silly Stories is a huge collection of short stories and extracts for children written by a host of authors including Rudyard Kipling, Lewis Carroll and L Frank Baum. The stories have been gathered together by Belinda Gallagher and this epic 512 page book is beautifully illustrated throughout, starting with the outside cover.

50 Utterly Silly Stories book Review (age 7+)

My 7 year old is now a competent reader and loves books. He's desperate for new things to read, and enjoys fiction as well as factual books, and given completely free choice from the Miles Kelly website he chose 50 Utterly Silly Stories.

NOW TV - Only pay for the TV, sport and movies you want to watch!

We cancelled our Sky package about 3 months ago because we actually felt after 11 years of watching movies every day, we'd caught up with the back catalogue. We are happy with Sky Movies, but just felt we didn't need it all of the time and some months we didn't get our money's worth. We knew we would want to look at alternatives and NOW TV was one of the options we were looking at anyway, and then I was asked if I wanted to become involved with the NOW TV Blog Squad.
NOW TV still hosts Sky Movies, there is no ongoing contract, you pay for 1 month, so if there's nothing to watch, you're super busy or on holiday, you can take a couple of months off free of charge and then go back when you want.You aren't tied in to a huge bundle contract, and so you pay for only what you wish to have access to that month.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Earth To Luna Figurine Giveaway

Earth To Luna is a new children's series which airs on Tiny Pop (Freeview). It is mainly aimed at pre-school children aged around 2-6 and follows the adventures of a 6 year old girl, Luna, her brother Jupiter and pet ferret Clyde. Luna is passionate about science and sees the world as a giant laboratory, full of interesting things to discover and experiment with.
We love science, so anything that encourages youngsters to become excited about their world is brilliant. If it then gives them answers to vital questions such as why things happen and where they come from, that's even better in my book. Young children can learn so much from watching short TV shows, it's a great preparation for starting school and can give them an excellent base for understanding much more complicated subjects later on. My boys are getting a little old for the pre-school style of Earth To Luna, but they can still learn a lot from it, as can I!

Half Term Events For Families In The NorthWest

I have been sent a bazillion press releases about things that will be happening over half term, here are a few of the ones I like best for families...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Greater Yarmouth Windmills

I've holidayed several times in Greater Yarmouth, including in Autumn, and had an amazing time. It may not have the heat to lounge on the beach in your swimwear, but it has loads to offer to couples or families, indoor or out.

Greater Yarmouth Windmills and Attractions

Here is a guest post from the Greater Yarmouth Official Tourism Website telling you about some of the places you could choose to visit, and where you can find their amazing giveaway to win a fabulous week long holiday for your entire family..

Marvel Kids Spiderman Online Free Games Review

Any regular reader knows we're big Super Hero fans here, and we like Marvel a lot. It'll also come as no surprise to find that my kids like playing computer games and apps. Being asked to review the Marvel Kids Spiderman games was hardly a chore for my 7 and 5 year old boys.

Marvel Kids Spiderman Online Free Games Review

There are 8 different games to play and they all start with a comic strip introduction to the story and the challenge ahead. The games are actually very different and compliment each other well. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Og On The Bog family game review from Drumond Park

For the last couple of weeks we've had a horrid troll in our living room grunting and passing wind and being generally disgusting. And making my youngest son laugh - a lot. Og On The Bog is our latest family game review for Drumond Park, and he's proven a surprisingly popular hit.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Hotel Tycoon Family Game Review and Giveaway

Hotel Tycoon is a game designed for 2-4 players aged 8 and over. Using a traditional board and playing pieces, players travel around purchasing land, building hotels and then charging their opponents to stay in the hotels until all but one player has run out of money and you have a winner!

I'd heard of Hotel Tycoon before as it was previously released as 'Hotels' in the 1970's, but I've never seen it in person. The first thing to mention is just how complex and creative the new design is. The board is really big, and split into the various resort areas...

Paracords Survival Bands Giveaway from Interplay

Last week I posted our review of the brilliant Paracords Survival Bands kit from Interplay. It's a great kit to make genuine Paracord Survival Bands for children and young people over 8 - and adults too.

Including a compass, carabiner, chalk and other items, the kit has full instructions on how to change a 2.4m long piece of cord into a useable item that can be unwoven in seconds when necessary.

6 Ways To Impress Your House Guest

6 Ways To Impress Your House Guest

Having friends or family over to stay can either be a stressful experience or positive, memorable one. We’re entering that time of year when family tend to start booking their reservations to stay at your home and why not give them the luxury hotel experience? Here are some tips to help create a stunning guest room.


Storing as many of your books in your spare room as you can is not only a great way to give a really comforting space to your guests but it also frees up a lot of storage space around the rest of the house. A variety of books, some tasteful lamps and a comfortable reading chair to curl up in lets your guest know they have their own space where they can escape to guilt-free to just enjoy themselves with a good read.