Wednesday, 16 August 2017

YUUschool Ergonomically Designed Backpack Review and Giveaway.Age 8-12

YUU are a Dragons Den backed company founded in 2010 by two Mums who saw their children carrying heavy backpacks and realised that it wasn't good for their growing spine and that a reported 1/3 of children suffer neck and back pain as a result (see bottom of post for the Science).

The YUUbag has been a huge success and this Summer they have added the YUUschool - a school version of the backpack for children aged around 8-12 (or over 120cm tall). It's ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and support for your child's spine, including tons of deep pockets and compartments to stop bag contents moving about and causing weight to be unevenly distributed around the bag.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

1,095 Days, 36 Months, 3 Years.

Three years where time has flown past so agonisingly slowly and the majority of it has faded completely. That morning three years ago is embedded into my yesterday, it recurs so frequently, yet I can't remember what life was like before it happened. Time is almost non-linear, the past creeps in constantly and not a minute can ever go by when you don't think of what has been lost for now and the future. How would life for the other children be different, the family dynamic altered. Where would you be now? How many courtships, part-time jobs, driving lessons. Borrowed make up, lost shirts and spilt tears. Exam results, friendships, nights out. How many times would you have made us laugh? The 3 years has gone so quickly and yet so slowly and it's been such hard work, although the sludge is reducing and the trudging getting easier, but always never a minute without remembering.

It'll never be easier without Elspeth.

Last year at Blog On Conference I won a holiday from Canvas Holidays and it took us more than ten months of build up, but we finally booked it and did it. We finally felt confident all of our young people were strong enough to leave behind - although they all had the option to come.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Back To School With Sambro Stationery And Backpacks

Sambro are a very well-known supplier of licensed products, mainly for children. They're responsible for loads of the smaller bits and pieces that fill stockings, as well as larger items featuring favourites from TV and movies. We've been sent some of their new range to review, including Paw Patrol, Miffy, Shimmer & Shine, Despicable Me 3 and Disney Princess.

On Thursday 10th August at 7pm Sambro will be hosting a Twitter party to promote their licensed children's stationery and backpacks. They'll be giving away some of their goodies, so it's worth following @SambroUK.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Nerf N-Strike Modulus Regulator Blaster Review for Hasbro (age 8+)

Obviously we are Nerf addicts here and we accepted the offer from Hasbro to review the new Nerf Modulus with a large amount of pleasure. This is a huge Nerf Dart Blaster which can be adapted in a huge array of ways to make a really personal blaster.

The Modulus is a fully motorised blaster which requires 4 x C batteries - not included. Removal from the packaging is super easy and it's almost entirely recyclable card with a few rubber band ties.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Pudology Vegan Puddings Review - Dairy Free and Gluten Free

Pudology want to make vegan food that's just as indulgent and delicious as any dairy based pudding. Their dairy and gluten free desserts are now available in Sainsburys and they've sent us a selection to take a look at.

We've been sent the Deeply Decadent Chocolate Pud, Smooth Chocolate Orange Pud and Simply Sumptuous Millionaire's Pud. All are are free from gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts - and suitable for anyone following a vegan, coeliac or kosher diet.

Behind The Scenes with The Lost Carnival at Dunham Massey this August

This August Wild Rumpus, the people behind Just So Festival, will be busy at Dunham Massey hall and gardens with a brand new Lost Carnival event. We popped along on Saturday evening to have a preview of what is going to be hidden among the trees for visitors this Summer...

We haven't been to Dunham Massey before, but the gorgeous gardens double up as a deer park, which delighted our children. In fact there was wildlife in evidence everywhere, those woods are alive!

Monday, 31 July 2017

Disney Quiz Night at the Zombie Shack, Manchester

I'm not your average Disney person, but I'm a big fan of Pixar and I love Star Wars. I thoroughly enjoy Disney On Ice and should I ever get married then the dress of my dreams was always Cinderella' I gladly accepted the invite to a Disney Quiz Night at the Zombie Shack as a guest of Paladone - the gift people.

If you've never been to Manchester's Zombie Shack (it's up the spiral staircase) then it can be a bit hard to spot. GPS takes you round the corner, but happily I bumped into a couple of other lost North West bloggers and we wandered aimlessly together.

I have no idea why we didn't spot the 20 foot tall Paladone flag at the side of the can't say they didn't try.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bic Stationery Showcase Summer Bundle Giveaway

The Bic Ballpoint is a time-served staple found in every office, but it doesn't give you any idea of the huge range of stationery products Bic are now offering. The quality is excellent and if you want something a bit different, you really can find it here...

We've got 4 College and Uni student grown-up children and they've been sent a selection of Bic's latest stationery to review. They're already arguing debating over who has what! Bic have kindly offered an identical bundle as a giveaway prize for one of my readers.

Included in the bundle are:

Bic Evolution Ecolution Black Graphite Pencils (pack of 4, around £2). Wood-free and made from 55% recycled materials, with an extra hard graphite core. They're definitely striking.

Bic Kids Stationery Bundle Giveaway and Competition News

Bic make a huge range of stationery products for kids and it goes far beyond the fabulous felt tipped pen sets and the all-time classic 4-colour pen. The quality is excellent, they're reliable and every Bic product is designed to last for longest possible use.

This Summer Bic have a competition with Mumsnet for any budding artists aged 5-11 to email in a photo of their best drawing for a chance to win £50 of Bic Goodies AND have their artwork displayed on a local billboard! There's also a bonus prize of £300 Tesco vouchers. Entries HAVE TO BE IN BY 6th August - so get your skates on! More information is on the Mumsnet website.

To promote the competition with Mumsnet we've been sent a great selection of Bic Kids stationery for my children to review and one of my readers can win the same bundle for themselves.

Included in the bundle are:

Bic Kids Colour And Erase Pens (Pack of 12, prices vary, around £2). 10 colourful felt tipped pens and 2 eraser pens. My boys think it's magic...

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Get A Grip Game Review (age 8+) for Hasbro

Get A Grip is the 'no-thumbs challenge' game from Hasbro. Recommended for 2 of more players aged around 8+, this is a fairly active family game in which players wear special gloves and then face their opponents in a head-to-head battle - without using thumbs.

Inside the box you have:
4 no-thumb bands (100% polyester, machine washable)
2 jars of sculpting clay
2 drawing pads
60 challenge cards