Sunday 6 January 2013

Next Christmas

So all the decorations are away and mainly back in the loft. We've found at least 8 stray baubles since we taped up the box, so they'll sit in a drawer with last years finds - which we forgot to fetch and put out with the rest (at this rate we'll have more in the drawer than on the tree by 2017).
Boy no.3 is 4 and this year was the first that we thought he understood all about Christmas and was able to enjoy it all and have some idea of what was going to happen next throughout. He was okay about the decorations going away, but sad the Christmas Lego display came down off the cupboard.

"Please don't put it away, I love it. I want to play with it some more".
"It's bad luck to leave it out. We need to put it away so that it is nice for next Christmas".
"There's going to be another Christmas?".
"Yes, next year".

Just occasionally children really can be easily pleased....


  1. Ha ha! Great. There is a fab link up over at Actually Mummy called 'Wot So Funnee?' where you can link up any future gems from your brood.

    1. Thank you, that sounds like a fantastic evenings reading! Hahaha
      I do love the little quips and odd assumptions they make, be nice not to forget them all... :)


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