Thursday 24 January 2013

No Privacy In The Loo

After reading Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy's hilarious post today - No Privacy In The Loo - I felt I had to respond.

When no2 and no3 were 7 and 5 they used to pass me notes under the door ranging from 'I'm hungry' or 'Are you okay?' through to 'I need you Mummy' and 'I hate you having a wee'....

As they get older they tend to learn not to just barge straight in, and give a tentative knock before asking the least important and most inane question they can think of. For bonus points they will calmly mention something that demands I leave the bathroom immediately to sort it out. This can be 'I have to go to School and need that £2', 'there's someone at the door' or 'I need my shoes/coat and they're in there'.

To step it up another notch we have the ones where you cringe as you leap up in a huge hurry "why have you got blood on you" being an often heard example.

The most plaudits however are gained when they know they really have you. You are up like a rocket and race from the bathroom with your knickers round your ankles, any self-respect gone. My personal and genuine all-time favourites are "what's that hissing noise in the kitchen?" and "why is my (2 year old) sister allowed on the ladder and I'm not?"....

Privacy in the loo? You might as well get one of those numbering systems like the ones they have at the cheese counter.... :D


  1. Ha! Great post, do us mums ever get any peace?!

    1. Thank you! - and NO, I don't think we're allowed any! We have to be on 24hour call and they feel a need to check that regularly :D

    2. I usually have an audience whilst I wee. Thought it would get better as Bob got older but maybe not. :0)

  2. Haha this has given me a right giggle and so true x


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