Monday 7 October 2013

HealGel Intensive Skin Rescue Gel Review

Sometimes just the right thing comes along at just the right time. I was asked if I was interested in trying HealGel Intensive Skin Rescue Gel when I was 4 days into wearing a full leg splint 24 hours a day.

Healing Gel Lotion

To hold my broken leg straight I'm currently in a full leg splint. While it's actually really soft and comfortable it slips down when you've walked any distance and rubs against the top of your knee. I have no other option but to do at least 1 school run a day, which is a mile there and back. That 15 minute round trip is 40 minutes in the splint and I get slower as I go on. It can get a bit hot if you've been active and the sweat and friction generally makes your skin more sensitive. There's also that thing when you get a hair or a speck of dust caught inside it and it irritates until you can find it and get it out.

 I was delighted to be able to try HealGel. On paper it looked like exactly the thing I might need and I really was full of anticipation waiting for it to arrive. 

HealGel Intensive is an "advanced skin rescue formula" that is suitable for all skin types. They describe it themselves as follows -
HealGel Intensive is a multi-active gel that helps speed up recovery and resolve a wide range of skin problems.
Originally developed to improve the appearance of scars and relieve bruising and swelling, diminish redness and irritation, HealGel Intensive addresses and resolves a whole host of common skin complaints, such as rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and sunburn too. It’s also a great emergency repair for stressed skin or when you feel your complexion needs a little extra loving care to restore its radiant glow.
HealGel Intensive is a non-greasy colourless gel containing Arnica and Madecassoside amongst other things. It is naturally cooling and forms a protective barrier on the skin while the active ingredients get to work speeding skin recovery and repair, and soothing tired and sore skin.
HealGel does not contain animal products, nor was it tested on animals. Testing is carried out by independent dermatologists on human volunteers.

I first applied the cream one evening, and the next morning I noticed a real difference when I came to put on my second application. It didn't feel so awful to put the splint back on. My skin was generally less sensitive and not at all sore. The top of my knee wasn't even slightly pink. I wouldn't say it was a miracle, but I definitely felt I'd been able to let my skin rest and recover lying down overnight despite still wearing the splint.

You really do only need a tiny amount because the gel spreads really well. It sinks into the skin almost straightaway, and doesn't leave any stickiness, so I can put my splint straight back on. It has a slightly medicinal smell, but that may well be the Arnica, and it isn't at all unpleasant, it's really quite sweet smelling.

I've used it morning and evening most days for the last 14 days and I'm really pleased with the results. My skin isn't sore at all and even though it's been rubbed smooth and shiny in places it doesn't feel overly sensitive. My bone is broken at the very top next to my kneecap and I've damaged ligaments and possibly cartilage, and although this cream can't fix any of that, it's definitely soothed my skin and stopped me having to suffer another symptom. I think by now without the HealGel Intensive I'd absolutely detest my splint.

I'm really impressed with HealGel Intensive. It isn't suitable for broken skin, but in my case that's irrelevant. I genuinely believe it would be great for any dry or sensitive skin. I've used it on my face after I've been out in the wind, and it's really stopped any redness or dryness. As an added bonus my hands are also benefitting from me using the gel. Usually they're sore and peeling because of the amount of time they spend in water and although I haven't purposefully used it as a hand cream - they're smoother and more moisturised than they've been in years!

HealGel retails at £37.50 for 30ml. Although that isn't cheap, a little goes a very long way indeed and for me at least it has lived up to every single promise. I've barely made a dint in the bottle I've been using for the last 2 weeks, it'll last for ages and I'd very happily pay that money for the relief I've experienced so far. As an excellent quality face cream it's very reasonable.

HealGel have a range of 3 products for skin, face and eyes. I've recently reviewed the Eye Gel

Please don't use any products on any injuries without checking with a Doctor or qualified person first. HealGel is not to be used on broken skin.


  1. That sounds great, glad you've found something to help!

    1. Thanks hon! It really wasn't something I'd considered until it happened :D

  2. so pleased it is helping, although not having a broken leg would be better. I use Arnica a lot for bumps so this might be something I would try. Thanks

    1. Not having a broken leg would definitely be better! :D
      I'm also a fan of Arnica :)


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