Tuesday 22 October 2013

Miioon Rucksack-Jacket Gift Card worth £38.49 Giveaway!

We've recently reviewed the fabulous Miioon Ruckjack and my son is still over the moon with his, so I'm absolutely delighted that to celebrate the launch of their gift cards in ASDA Miioon are going to give one away to one of my readers with a value of £38.49.

The gift cards make a great present for Grandchildren and other children, especially if you live any distance away and can't hand them a gift in person, and it'll please their parents too!

It's a proper Thinsulate and Teflon lined jacket that transforms into a rucksack so your child has no excuse for not carrying their own coat when it's warmer and dry! 

What's even better about the Ruckjack is that your child can personalise it themselves online, and if they are enthusiastic about their clothes they're far more likely to look after them. My son chose a Moshi Monsters lining for his coat, so when it's a bag it's a Moshi Monsters bag - he's the talk of the playground!

Miioon have just announced a limited edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ruckjack which is also included in the options you will be able to pick from, as well as Moshi Monsters and Animaru, and your jacket will come with up to 3 Oonits (Zip Pulls) of your choice.

This giveaway has now ended.


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