Wednesday 28 May 2014

Not Sky Diving with Chicago Town Take Away Pizzas

Chicago Town recently invited me to an amazing day out to promote their Take Away Pizza range - and it included a sky dive! With great regret (and a bit of relief) I had to turn down the sky dive because I have a shonky leg, however they offered to supply pizza for my family by way of commiseration.

Our local big Morrisons had 4 varieties of Chicago Town Take Away Pizza - so we got them all....and as we had everyone together at tea time today we decided tonight was the night.

Chicago Town Take Away Pizza Range Review

The pizzas are all very different.

Chicken & Bacon Melt with a rising crust 
Cheese & Tomato with a rising crust
Pepperoni Plus with a tomato sauce stuffed crust
Limited Edition BBQ Sizzler with a BBQ sauce stuffed crust

Chicago Town Take Away Pizza Range Review Lots of toppings

I was really impressed with the level of topping. 
When I make pizzas myself I doubt I actually put that much on! 

Time for the taste test with my panel of discerning, pizza-loving testers....

And the verdict?

Every speck was eaten. A table full of clean plates. When you're feeding so many, knowing that everyone has eaten plenty and is feeling full and happy is a win. They all really loved the pizzas. Here are a few comments..

5yo - "Try this, it's beautiful. It has stuffed crust!" (re the Pepperoni Plus).
14yo - "I like them, but I prefer cheese stuffed crust"
42yo - "This BBQ pizza is gorgeous. The sauce stuffing is lovely"
16yo - "Lots of cheese!"
42yo - "Why isn't the cheese one stuffed crust too? The veggies have a raw deal" (stuffed crust cheese is available in the range, but wasn't at our supermarket).

EVERYONE thought that they were really tasty and felt that they were a more expensive product. The amount of toppings and the way they were so well spread across the pizzas was brilliant.

I was really impressed with how well they cooked. With some frozen pizzas by the time the middle is cooked, the outer edge has begun to darken and you have some burnt cheese - not at all with these. The rising crusts were impressive, very fluffy and light. It's no wonder they were voted no.1 against Dominoes.

These are big pizzas - around 630-650g - which is almost double some other frozen pizzas. They retail around £3.80-£4.00 each, so actually offer incredibly good value, and substantially cheaper than ordering or collecting a take away. We'll definitely be buying them again. 

We were sent vouchers to buy our pizzas


  1. These sound really good! I think I will buy some :)

    1. They're ace. My 5 year old would live on that Pepperoni Plus pizza if he could :)

  2. They look delicious! Not try them out yet! Would love to try it!

    1. They looked so nice, they really did - all that melty cheese and loads of meat on the meaty ones :)

  3. We love pizza here too, always brings smiles and empty plates!

    1. I honestly could not believe the speed it disappeared - you'd have thought we hadn't fed them for a week! :D

  4. Good sign to see empty plates. It did look as though there was a LOT of toppings

  5. I adore the little Chicago Town pizzas and these big ones look equally as delish! Will have to look out for them. What a shame about the skydive, bet it would be an amazing experience!

    1. It would have been great, but there's a possibility I would have chickened out, so I'm quite pleased I don't have that pressure :D


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