Friday 20 June 2014

I'm off to Britmums Live in 8 hours!

My bag is packed, I've mentioned everything I can think of to all my family members and I've launched a 7th giveaway.

Someone's responsible for bringing the bin in, the fridge is stacked, and the 3 oldest ones know exactly when someone should leave to pick up the 2 youngest from pre-school and school.

I'm meeting Red Rose Mummy, My Mummy'sPennies and It Started With A Squish at various times and places along the route, and by lunch I should be in London.

Nervous....oh yeah. I've only left the kids and my partner for one night in the last 6 years, it'll be really weird. Still, I'll be back Sunday and I'm sure while I'm away they'll all be fine - and I will barely have a chance to think of them while I'm meeting some amazing bloggers and listening to some fantastic speakers. Not to mention spending time with some good friends and having maybe the odd tipple and cupcake.

If you're going, say hiya and ask me about Drumond Park  - makers of LOGO, Rapidough and Gross Magic, and also my lovely sponsors. I have 2 live giveaways running at the moment for Don't Laugh! The Electronic Board Game and Pumpaloons - which is fantastic fun indoors or out.

If you aren't going away this weekend - could someone please remind my kids to feed the fish?


  1. Replies
    1. Aw cheers Laura - you have to come next time, you were missed! :)

  2. Have a good time hun.
    I messaged Sir E, to get somebody to feed the fish.

  3. So glad we managed to meet! Albeit briefly! lol ;) Hope you had an awesome time at Britmums :)) I had a ball xxx

    1. I really did, it was epic. Totally knackered still now! It was great to at least spot you and say hiya - we must manage more than 4 words next time!

  4. Was so lovely to see you for a couple of days

    1. It was great to see you too Mary - although I'm not letting you in the room again when I'm waking up! :D

  5. Replies
    1. It was lovely too see you too Eileen. I'm not sure how we managed to see each other so much, as everyone else didn't even catch you! :D


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