Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Wonderful World Of Simon Abbott - Children's Books from Ticktock

I'm going to start by saying how much I love these books. My 4 and 5 year old boys love these books. They're brilliant, they're only £5.99 each. That's the most important bit of the review out of the way, I'll move on to the rest....

Ticktock books from Octopus press Pirates and dinosaurs review

We've been sent Pirates Ahoy! and The Land Of The Dinosaurs to review from The Wonderful World Of Simon Abbott series of books. They're published by Ticktock Books and especially recommended for young readers aged around 5-7 years old .

The Land Of The Dinosaurs book review age 5-7 Early reader

All of the text is in bite-sized pieces and the illustrations are fantastic. It's clear and really nicely laid out, you don't have to read it as you would a novel, from beginning to end, you can dip in and out and read whatever catches your eye.

The Wonderful World Of Simon Abbott Book revie age 5-7 beginner reader

Pirates Ahoy! Book review Early Reader age 5-7

The language used introduces long words and new concepts, but it's always explained really well, and difficult words, such as dinosaur names, are given phonetically, so now we all know how we should pronounce them!

There are currently a range of 6 different books in the Wonderful World Of Simon Abbott series from Ticktock, featuring Trains and Cars, Bodies, the Solar System and Animals. I can't imagine finding any of these books anything but fascinating.

The wonderful world of simon abbott book review

Ticktock also encourage their readers to go online for Ticktock Extra, where there are free resources and activities - including a shoebox solar system!

The Wonderful World Of Simon Abbott books are A4 and hardback, with glossy, high quality paper and around 20 full colour pages. They have an RRP of only £5.99, which makes them ideal as a treat or a gift, and you will get your money's worth, because they'll be read again and again.


  1. Yes, books are always great value! Both looks so colourful n fun to read!

    1. They're brilliant Eileen! My boys have read them for hours! :D

  2. I really like the look of these, think I might have to make a purchase and hide for Monkey's next birthday.

    1. Hehehehe....they're lovely. They've had a lot of reading already!

  3. These really are great aren't they. 6yo loves them

    1. They're brilliant. I'm finding them great. It's actually a relief to know how all those dinosaur names are pronounced!


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