Wednesday 17 September 2014

LEGO Mixels Series 3 Review - Glurt 41519 and Wizwuz 41526

The LEGO Mixels Series 3 were released on September 1st and LEGO have sent us a couple to look at. As with previous series releases there are 9 Mixels in 3 tribes - this time the Wiztastics, Glorp Corp and Spikels.

LEGO Mixels Series 3 review - Glurt 41519 and Wizwuz 41526

LEGO Mixels Series 3 - Glurt 41519 Glorp Corp doglike

Glurt set 41519 is one of the Glorp Corp - gooey creatures who remind me of pre-school age kids - all snot and dirty hands. Glurt is very dog-like, with a big yapping mouth and little legs.

LEGO Mixels Series 3 - Glurt 41519 Glorp Corp doglike special elements

One of the best things about Mixels is the array of interesting elements in each bag, and these are no exception. The builds are quick and require a degree of skill, they're a little tricky for younger children because of the tiny parts, but excellent for promoting fine motor skills and teaching new ways to connect LEGO bricks, and fantastic to play with when built.

LEGO Mixels Series 3 - Glurt 41519 Glorp Corp doglike creature with goo

In this bag we also got a little extra. One of the Nixels - the 'bad guys'. 

LEGO Mixels Series 3 - Glurt 41519 and Nixel

Wizwuz set 41526 is one of the Wiztastics and, as you might have guessed, these are Mixels who are capable of magic, albeit tongue-in-cheek.

LEGO Mixels Series 3 review - Wizwuz 41526 set pack contents

LEGO Mixels Series 3 review - Wizwuz wiztastic magic tribe 41526 set side view

When you start to build you have a purple slug-like creature, who transforms when the legs are added into an amazing spider-type Mixel.

LEGO Mixels Series 3 review - Wizwuz wiztastic magic tribe 41526 set build

LEGO Mixels Series 3 review £3 pocket money toys stockingfillers

We really like Mixels. They're cute and different and have tons of character. They're excellent pocket money value at only £3 a bag (they make great stockingfillers too), and generally have over 60 elements in each model, with some really special parts that can fire the imagination and be used to make all kinds of models. There are alternative builds and storylines online, and the Cartoon Network show for 20 minutes peace and more play ideas.

These aren't the first Mixels we've reviewed - we've also played with Zaptor, Flain and Seismo from Series 1 and Gobba and Lunk from Series 2.


  1. They look great, lots of fun. Great review Jenny! :)

  2. Mixels are terrific. Really great value for money. I think a couple of these may find their way into a certain stocking this Christmas. Love Glurt, he is super cute.

  3. They are great for children party bag! Look good!

  4. Oh I love the look of these, definitely something to add to the stocking stuffer list :) x

  5. These look really fun and simple to put together. Perfect stocking fillers!

  6. These look so cute! We love lego and yet again - I LOVE YOUR TABLE! x

  7. We love the Mixels too, such a great idea! E keeps nagging me to buy him some of the new ones so I'd best not show him this!

  8. I think these are great, Monkey chose some of the last series to buy with his pocket money, so he will be pleased there are more to choose form!

  9. I love the look of this range, I've been so tempted to buy a couple recently. Feel that will end up in this house, even if Mummy has to make them!

  10. These look great, Miss M loves building little sets like this. Perfect stocking fillers for this Xmas!


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