Sunday 11 January 2015

Monstar Makes A Wish

We love the Orion Books Early Readers, and I can proudly say they have helped my 6 year old learn to read, and my 4 year old is now beginning to join in with looking at the words and deciphering a few for himself.

Monstar Makes A Wish Book Review for Early Readers

Monstar Makes A Wish is the 3rd Monstar book we've read, and it's another fun story featuring the two children Jon and Jen, and their fluffy pet Monstar. Written by Steve Cole and illustrated by Pete Williamson, it's light-hearted and exciting, and has more than a little dash of fantasy and ridiculousness.

Monstar Makes A Wish Book Review inside chapter page

Monstar Makes A Wish is a Red Band Early Reader, suitable for a reader who is becoming confident, but still wants some support. The book has 80 pages broken into 7 bite sized chapters, and there isn't enough text on each page to intimidate the reader.

Monstar Makes A Wish Book Review inside text and illustration page

The illustrations are bright and fun - both my boys really enjoy reading Monstar books, and have really taken to the characters. It really is lovely to watch my 6 year old read aloud to his brother before bed.

6 year old reading to his little brother in bed

Monstar Makes A Wish is one of our favourites, a real fun read and not at all 'babyish'. The magic lamp is an object all children know, so when Jon and Jen find that their parents have invented their own - complete with a robot genie, it enthralled my boys and everyone wanted to know what happens next. I shan't spoil it for you, but I think you can guess it doesn't all go perfectly smoothly, and there's an opportunity to learn a few life lessons along the way.

Monstar Makes A Wish is published by Orion Books and has a recommended retail price of £4.99. Available from all good book shops, and online.

We've previously reviewed another Monstar book, Monstar Finds A Home and all of our book reviews can be found on this page. Early Readers are clearly marked.

We were sent our copy of Monstar Makes A Wish for review.


  1. They are lovely book! Great for younger reader. My son enjoy monstar series.

    1. They are lovely books and so brilliant for young readers - far better than whqat I had when I was learning to read! :)


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