Friday 29 January 2016

Titan Charge Cables - the strongest USB cables available, and they're even pet proof!

Fuse Chicken have sent me their Titan Charge Cable to review. Marketed as the toughest cable on Earth, it was even tested using a chain saw and won. A US company who launched their first product with a ridiculously successful Kickstarter campaign (that raised well over 20 times the proposed launch cost), the Founder and CEO of Fuse Chicken is so proud of his own products that he deals with customer service personally.

My household get through a lot of USB charging cables. There are 6 people aged 16+ here now plus the 2 little boys, which means 6 computers, 6 mobile phones, various tablets, MP4 players, strings of fairy lights and a multitude of other USB items. Micro USB is now a standard and that's great because 1 cable fits all - especially as we all have Android phones - but with all of the use and abuse any cable doesn't generally last long.

Besides losing them, wearing them out and breaking them, we have another cable-destroyer in our house, and that's our rabbits. They love the PS4 especially, because the kids leave the charging cables lying across the floor in easy reach and to a rabbit that's a picnic buffet.

The Titan Charge Cable is a pretty long 1 metre cable made from 2 layers of flexible, high-strength steel wound around industrial grade cable. The connectors at each end are are permanently sealed with a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics and metal cabling. Rabbits don't eat steel, and even your dog shouldn't be able to crush it or chew through it.

The Titan is harder to lose,  it isn't small and won't slide stealthily down the back of the desk or hide in a dark tiny space. It won't fray, and it won't unintentionally get knotted up. It won't bend back and forth or squashed beyond sensible limits until the wire inside snaps. It comes as little surprise Fuse Chicken give your Titan Charge Cable a Lifetime Warranty.

If you want to see how well it performed against the chain saw, here it is...

I've been using my cable for 2 months now and I can't really fault it. I have used it every day to charge mainly my phone. I've carried it in my bag, taken it away for New Year, used it in my van, swung it around and coiled it to show everyone, and thus far it's survived and performed impeccably.

The only downside to such a tough cable is that you have to remember not to move it around too much with your phone or other item attached. The harder, more solid cable is no longer the weak point, and will place more stress on the socket of your appliance. Once you've got the hang of not just chucking your phone on the bed or sitting with it in your hand on Facebook all evening while it's plugged in, you're fine. Fuse Chicken do wisely tell you to position the cable and then plug in your phone, rather than the other way around.

The Titan Charge Cable is understandably more expensive than a standard rubber or plastic coated charge cable, but we've actually been so impressed that I bought a couple more Titan cables, and this has been the first month we haven't had any destroyed by carelessness or rabbit attack. It's also been the first month that no-one has wandered off with a USB cable that's meant to be elsewhere.

When you consider we've actually bought more than 12 replacement USB cables in the past 9 months, you begin to see that this can be a bargain, and certainly saves a lot of time and hassle.

Titan Charge Cables are on sale in the UK now in selected retailers including Argos, priced at £29.99 for an iPhone cable and £19.99 for the Micro USB/Android cable.


  1. This is what Daddy P needs, I have never known one person get through so many iPhone chargers in my life.

    1. I honestly think we all thought little subtle charge cables were great, and they are to put in your pocket, but they really are a consumable and barely last a month sometimes! :)


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