Thursday 14 January 2016

What every woman wants for Valentine's Day.....(and some posh Triumph undies!)

There is a really simple answer to the question of what every woman wants for Valentine's Day, and to provide it can cost whatever budget you wish, from zero upwards... Every woman, bar none, (and probably every man too) wants ultimately one thing. They want to feel special.

Valentine's Day is only a month away, and hopefully everyone reading will be made to feel special by someone who loves them.

Another way to feel special is new undies. Trust me guys, any woman of any size and with any body shape will feel 3 inches taller knowing her bra and knickers not only match, but still have all their wire, lace and elastic in full working order. If they fit properly and look good, you are already a winner.

Triumph have been making women feel special since 1886 with their bras, briefs and shapewear. They introduced women to elasticated straps, seam-free cups and made pioneering use of new materials and fabrics as they came along, including Nylon and Lycra.

Famous for their shapewear and their 'Doreen' lingerie range (launched in 1967 and still their biggest seller), Triumph also led the way as fashions changed and women demanded something that looked as good as it felt.

A few weeks ago I was invited to House Of Fraser in Manchester, where I was properly measured by a lovely and very knowledgable lady, and shown a large selection of the Triumph range. Just before Christmas my review parcel arrived in the post...

Triumph sent me the Amourette Spotlight Wired bra and matching briefs. It was a great Christmas present! Perfect as a gift, because it's a rare day you ever spoil yourself with new underwear. As you'd expect from a company who have survived and held their share of the market for 130 years, the finishing and detail are excellent and the fit is as comfortable as the samples I tried on in the shop.

At the time of typing Triumph have a lot of products discounted on their website, including my bra, which is reduced from £34 to £24. Triumph products are also available in department stores, such as House Of Fraser, and the new Spring ranges are coming into store as I type.

If you do choose to buy underwear for someone else this Valentine's Day, do make sure you get the correct size, and take them for a fitting if you can. If you're buying it as a treat for yourself - nice one!!


  1. I've never been properly measured for a bra! I'm definitely going to need some new ones soon now that bubs is on the way ;)

    1. Oh definitely! Get yourself measured for maternity bras, it'll be so much more comfortable x


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