Friday 5 February 2016

There's a gooey horrible Fungus Amungus

When I was offered the chance to review a brand new collectible children's toy that is sticky, horrible, and called Fungus Amungus, I just knew my 2 little boys would love it. We were sent our parcel covered in yellow and black striped 'CAUTION' tape, and inside was all the protective equipment necessary to open the parcel and examine the contents.

Fungus Amungus new collectible toy review

Down to the serious business. The packet was open and neither boy could wait to look inside.

Inside we found exactly what we were promised. Small colourful fungus that really do take 'sticky' to new heights. They were especially hard to manage when wearing the yellow gloves...It really is a toy that you can't put down!

Fungus Amungus Super Sticky Collectible Toy

Up close the Fungus Amungus are still pretty horrible. They are squidgey and they move around when you release them. My favourite is Pops, the guy on the left. He has a toxic level of 5, and little flecks of black in his pink exterior, so he always looks a bit dirty. squish him and when he expands his arms wave about...

The Fungus Amungus have 7 different strains - Body, Oozey, Digital, Tropical, Wild, Foodie and Friendly, and there are a few almost genuine 'Funguys'.  I'm particularly impressed with the pink tooth abscess Abseth, who according to the website has a Toxic Level of 4. Lovely.

The third Fungus Amungus we were sent is the orange mushroom Fungiface. He has a grossness level of 6, but doesn't disturb me quite as much as some of the 2 young boys weren't very disturbed. They seem to actually like their Funguys...

Fungus Amungus come in packs of 2 for £2.50 or 5 for £6, and there are also Toxic Chambers and an ExGerminator. Available now at toy shops, Tesco, Sainsbury and online at Amazon.


  1. Think we may get these for the boys birthday xx

    1. I think all the little boys are going to want them :D

  2. These look great stuffs! So gloss and fun to collect!


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