Sunday 7 February 2016

Valentine's Gifts For The Romantic....and the downright witty.

My partner and I have always marked Valentine's Day. With our large family and a lack of local relatives I actually don't think we've been out together for Valentine's Day since 2008, but we have had some lovely candlelit meals alone in the kitchen. We swap cards and small gifts and that's been our limit until now...

This year I've been asked by several companies if I wanted to have a look at their products for Valentine's Day. I felt like spoiling myself and my partner, so I picked the ones I liked and said yes. I just hope he doesn't actually read this...

Snapfish asked if I wanted to look at their personalised gifts, so I made a card for my partner and a photo mug with a nice picture of me on it. My partner saw I was making him one and he made one for me too, proving he really is just as romantic as I suspected...

Valentine's Gifts For The Romantic....and the downright witty.

The little boys usually make me a card at school, so this year they get one back. The amount of personalisation is great and being able to add all the photos makes it truly unique, but the image and card quality is really excellent and what makes the card. Everything was really very quick to make, the Snapfish website was easy to use, and it all arrived within 4 days!

Valentine's Gift Card Romantic Photo personalisation

Here's the classic - Chocolates. Guylian are one of my favourites and they have sent me a box of their Guylian Caramel Sea Horses. These are also my 7 year old's favourite, so they'll be shared because I'm just not that mean..

Guylian Chocolates

For Valentine's Day Guylian have a whole range of products including the Caramel sea Horses and also a heart-shaped box of heart-shaped chocolates.

Available now at all major supermarkets, or via Guylian’s UK web shop.

Plantable Pencils from Sprout are one of the most unusual gifts I've seen in my life, and they're brilliant. Originally dreamed up by 3 MIT students who were looking to "design the sustainable office article of tomorrow", they now come in many different varieties, each with a seed pod at the end of the pencil, so nothing is thrown away. Use up the pencil, take the stub and plant.

Plantable pencils and cards valentines gifts
Sprout have a special Valentine's 3 plantable pencil pack with Forget-me-not, Strawberry and Sweet Pea seeds for only £4.90. The Valentine's Day Pack no.1 shown above costs a mere £10.50 and contains the pack of 3 pencils as well as a Tiny Valentine's Garden with edible seedlings and a special Plantable Paper Valentine's Card with Black-eyed Susan and Alyssum seeds built into the paper itself. Available on the Sprout Webshop.

The next gift is really one for the ladies, and is my new Triumph undies. There's a joy to knowing you have a really pretty matching set on underneath your clothes, it really does give any woman a smile. Feeling confident about yourself is a tricky thing for a lot of women, properly fitting underwear that looks gorgeous is a real boost.

Triumph Underwear bra review

My partner is an avid tea-drinker. I hate the stuff, but he likes nothing better than finding a couple of new flavours and testing them out. Teapigs have made this super-easy by selling Valentine's Bundles in the Teapigs webshop.

Teapigs valentines bundles sweet ginger chilli chai

The smallest 'cheeky bundles' are twin packs of tea and cost £7. 'Sweet Ginger' might suit my partner perfectly, but I think he'll really like 'The Adventurous Sloth' with a new Chilli Chai for him to try...

Jewellery is a classic gift that can last a lifetime, and always has special meaning. Kaya Jewellery have a large range of affordable necklaces, bracelets and ear-rings to show how much you care...

Prices for the items I've shown above start at £26.95 for the Triple Love Silver Pendant. Most of the products are sterling silver, and everything arrives gift wrapped in a satin pouch.

Whatever I give my partner for Valentine's Day, I doubt very much it'll ever beat that mug....

Everything in this post has been sent to me, or will be sent to me, for my Valentine's Day.


  1. Some lovely gifts! The mugs are fun, the chocolates divine and some interesting pencils - think they'd be great for kids as they'd enjoy planting after using!

    1. There are some lovely things aren't there! The pencils will be from me to my OH, he doesn't know about them. He can write me some more romantic letters! Hahaha :D


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