Wednesday 2 November 2016

The Book Of Everyone....and The Book Of Dad....Review

The Book Of Everyone's website is a place where you can create a really gorgeous keepsake gift for just about anyone. Beautiful personalised books with your own words and choices, to make your loved ones laugh and smile.

We reviewed The Book Of Everyone last December, when I created a book for my son, who was 18. This year I have been offered the chance to review again, and I've chosen The Book Of Dad, which takes elements from the original book, and adds to them some specifically written for Dads.

The website is really simple and intuitive, and you can have a book ordered in 5 minutes if you wish. Delivery is quick, within 10 days, and your book arrives neatly packaged in a card box with a plastic bag inside - so it won't be ruined if the postman delivers in the rain.

You can choose to keep your book exactly the same as the proof you are shown, or spend time personalising it. You really can spend as long or short a time making amendments as you wish. I spent around 30 minutes making mine.

The personalisation includes Dad's name, age, year of birth, the names of the people sending the book, and then throughout you can choose to include or exclude pages, and some can even be personalised with images and text of your choice.

My copy is a hardbacked book with a glossy cover and 50 thick pages which are mainly in colour. There are lots of different options available. Obviously The Book Of Everyone will suit pretty much anyone, but there are special editions for Dad, Mum, Milestones and Romance.

All book editions come with a free Digital Edition, which you can download and share with your friends and family, and there is also a Digital Only Edition at a reduced price.

The Book Of Everyone (and all of the special edition books), are available to buy priced £7.50 Digital Edition, £19.50 Paperback, £29.50 Hardback, and as a boxed padded Deluxe Edition for £49.50.

I love The Book Of Everyone. I'm very fond of giving books as gifts, and this is a gorgeous keepsake. There are more pages than other personalised books, and the amount of 'within page' personalisation is brilliant. Excellent gifts, especially for 'the person who has everything'....

Find out more on The Book Of Everyone website.

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  1. This is such a great idea. Something really different. Great gift x


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