Monday 30 January 2017

A day in London with the LEGO Batman Movie and Tartan Batman.

On Saturday we went to all the way to London to go to the cinema. It was a very early start, and a long way to go for a movie, but when you consider that we'd been invited by Warner Bros to a preview screening of the LEGO Batman movie in Leicester Square, it was well worth the effort...

A day in London with the LEGO Batman Movie and Tartan Batman.

We were up at 4.45am - and out of the house by 5.20am to catch our wasn't the best part of the day, they lied.

Tartan Batman arrives at Euston Station in London

A very pleasant and peaceful 2 1/2 hours later and we arrived in London -  with plenty of time to go for breakfast and catch up on Social Media before the movie...

Tartan Batmandrinking a coffee taking a photo

The LEGO store in Leicester Square has a hand sensor character generator thingie in the window. Winning is getting told you are Batman. 'Ha Ha' is being told you are The Joker ....

If you want to make a character for yourself at home - try the LEGO Batman 'sigfig' Creator.

We arrived at Cineworld Empire only 10 minutes early, yet we were right at the front of the queue to get in. Some sort of Batmagic...

The inside of the cinema was awesome. They really had turned the whole place into a LEGO Batcave of sorts. Batman was everywhere.

Tartan Batman BatLogo

We're big fans of wearing green to do green screen photos - the photographers always panic though...

when green screen photography goes wrong

having a coffee with batman

Tartan Batman was completely in his element...

The best part of the fun arranged for the children before the movie has to be the amazing row of artists sitting patiently drawing wriggling children. These are real treasures... thank you.

batman caricature

The movie was awesome - we all thoroughly enjoyed it, and my LEGO Batman Movie review will be live at the weekend.

When we came out of the cinema and turned the corner into Chinatown, we were greeted by a pair of Chinese Dragons chasing a cabbage - and some amazing drumming... Just for Tartan Batman there was even a random bagpiper joining in...

London Chinese New Year parade Dragons chasing cabbage

LEGO Tartan Batman at Chinese New Year Chinatown London

We had a little time to play in London, so we walked down to the river to show our boys some of the sights, before thankfully catching the Tube back to Euston.

Horse Guards in London
Tartan Batman tours London Nelsons column eye tube big ben

It was a very long day, but it was 4 very happy tired people got on that train home, and Tartan Batman had made some new friends...

Lego on train home

Everyone else always goes to sleep on the train and phone signal was shocking. By the time they'd all woken up Pink Power Batgirl had won 15 rounds of Snap, and Dick Grayson had almost been convinced Lobster Thurmidoresday is the new Taco Tuesday...

Lego batman playing cards

Everything was awesome....

We paid for our day out in London ourselves, but we attended the LEGO Batman preview screening at Cineworld Empire, Leicester Square, as guests of Warner Bros. 


  1. That looks absolutely amazing! What a fantastic day out :)

    Love the artists pictures and the wearing green for the green screen thing, I'm definitely doing that next time I get the opportunity!

    1. Hehehehe We did it accidentally the first time. Randomly we were ALL 4 wearing green and the photo was hilarious. Since then my OH always pre-empts it. I have ginger family - green suits them! :D
      It was an amazing day out.

  2. This looks fantastic. Looks like the boys had a great time x


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