Sunday 15 July 2018

July Smiles... 47 Months...

Get a load of this weather! It's caused havoc on the moors around where we are, but the extended sunshine has been such an amazing breath of fresh air and it really feels we've 'had a Summer' before the kids are even off school.

The sun has had everyone outside topping up the vitamin D and the memories. We spent an awesome weekend at Timber Festival, we've had water fights, marshmallow roasting and all have so many freckles you could almost mistake it for a tan.

You guys have been out in the sunshine too - and as I went through finding photos I'd missed this morning, I had to laugh at the number of people who were delighted by the sun a month ago, and hoping we had 'a few more days like this'... Your wish was granted.

I ask you to show us your smiles and this month you did yourselves proud. Loads of family photos this month, and I am embarrassed to say that I don't believe we have any photos with all of us in, so there's a challenge for me for next month.

Anyone can join in with the smiles, just tag any smile, grin, chuckle or chortle on Instagram using the hashtag #TBCSmiles. I share 9 of the biggest and brightest each month, today's final bunch was chosen by my 20 year old - may as well keep him busy while he's home from uni for Summer.

These gorgeous smiles were shared by the following Instagrammers:

We had our own smiles too - the weather really helps!

We also saw the two youngest of our 'big kids' finish college and we couldn't be prouder of what they have both achieved already. They'll be spending the next month waiting for exam results. My best wishes to everyone waiting for results to find out where their life will take them next.

For one of our young people, a place at uni is unconditional, and this was their final piece of exhibition work. A truly beautiful tribute to their sister...

If you don't know why we collect our smiles, you can find out here. Each smile is a reason and a reminder of why it's always worth carrying on....


  1. Ben is also reaching tan levels of freckles!

  2. Lots of super lovely smiles from you all this month and I am ever so glad you had a fantastic time at the Timber festival... that will have recharged the batteries! Love to you all xx Sim

  3. I just love these posts. So smiley and happy. Hugs x


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