Wednesday 3 July 2019

ColourMyWall Draw On Wall Prints For Doodlers. Sent For Review.

Most parents have at some time discovered their miniature Picasso has decided to do some impromptu home decorating - usually their bedroom wall with the only working permanent marker in the house. ColourMyWall have created a solution to give amateur artists a nice big safe area to doodle and draw without causing any damage.

ColourMyWall Draw On Wall Paper logo and small portion of poster

ColourMyWall create repositionable vinyl stick on wallpaper, which can be drawn on with dry wipe markers to your heart's content and then wiped clean and you can start again. Perfect for doodlers and amateur artists...

Colour my wall review giving idea of size of poster along wall

We've been sent a sample of the vinyl wall sticker for review, roughly 115cm x 45cm. Postage won't be instant because of the bespoke nature, the variety of designs and sizes available. Some items can even be personalised.

Fitting Colour My Wall poster doodle

Our large poster sized wall paper sticker arrived safely encased in a cardboard tube along with instructions for successful fitting. We've fitted giant stickers before, mainly to Volkswagen vans, and the principal is very similar. Start sticking from the middle and work outwards.

Positioning the vinyl wall sticker doodle design

Keeping everything just under tension and as straight as possible is key. For larger prints ColourMyWall suggest masking tape to tack it to the wall near the middle. Remember the bigger the sticker, the harder it will be to fit and you will need 2 people unless you are very experienced or are blessed with 4 hands.

Fitting a vinyl wall poster in a childs bedroom

I'm really pleased with it. The poster is almost perfect and the printing is sharp and bold. ColourMyWall's wall papers are slightly thicker than vinyl car stickers, repositionable and we found it easy to place it correctly without any bubbles.

Our sample sized wall paper is a good size to run alongside a child's bed or in a hallway. My son chose the very different 'Doodle' design, which stands out from the other themes and does suit his nature. You can use the stickers for any flat surface, including covering a table for example.

All of the Colour My Wall images were originally hand drawn by an artist local to the Surrey-based family-owned business, but they'll be coloured in by you, and your children. Expressing your own creativity and personalising your space is important to us all, whatever age.

The large scale colouring is excellent exercise for little hands and not as frustrating for tired people or beginners as colouring tiny sections on paper - plus you can rub out your mistakes!

There are loads of different designs available and a range of sizes. Standard ColourMyWall prints are 120cm tall and you can buy in 1,2 or 3 metre lengths, or get a price on bespoke sizing.

Colour my wall vinyl wallpaper stickers review design examples

ColourMyWall have set up the discount code TheBrickCatsle25 for my readers, which will give you 25% off all purchases made until the end of July 2019. Find out more and place orders on the ColourMyWall website. 

We were sent our print for review. Yes, the discount code has a typo - copy/paste to ensure accuracy. 


  1. This is such a great idea. I think it would be fantastic for a child's room.

  2. They add a touch of elegance to your closet.

  3. How fab is that. I love this idea and going to look at it for little miss x


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