Wednesday 31 July 2019

Knowsley Safari Park #UltimateBrickSafari Review (Guest Visit)

This Summer Knowsley Safari is hosting the massive Ultimate Brick Safari, and 80 lifesize LEGO models have taken their places among the real live animals and attractions. We were invited over to take a look, and my daughter and her boyfriend tagged along with us too.

It was 30 degrees all week and the Summer heatwave records broken, so naturally we arrived at Knowsley in the pouring rain. It was warm though, and quite honestly the damp didn't spoil our day.

There are lots of places to shelter from any weather conditions, including the regular Sea Lion Display - I've written about the Sea Lions at Knowsley before, so I concentrated on the LEGO on this visit.

Knowsley Safari in the pouring rain looking at Sea Lion display building

It didn't take us long to spot the first of the 80 models. They start as soon as you enter the park, and really are spread all over the site, all around the walking route, or 'Foot Safari' . The baby gorilla and pandas were two of my favourites.

Photo heavy post - click on any image to enlarge it...

Knowsley #Ultimatebricksafari LEGO ibex gorilla panda lion cub

It's really easy to get your bearings as the park is neatly laid out, and there are maps dotted around, as well as the paper map you receive when you arrive. There's plenty to see - even without driving!

Knowsley Safari site map where are the animals on foot walking round

Knowsley Safari Merseyside photo opportunity

The perfect LEGO Safari photo opportunity, and then we went exploring properly. The Foot Safari follows a gentle route around the park, but it's never really far from the centre or toilets, so we popped in and out and didn't follow the route strictly.

The ground is mainly flat tarmac with a few rougher areas, but aside from the woodland areas beyond the wolf den, mostly fine for pushchairs or disabled guests.

Knowsley Ultimate Brick Safari Rufus the red ruffed Lemur

Each of the model animals has a fact sheet attached, just like the real animals, and just as awe-inspiring. The weight of some of these models is in itself amazing - let alone the number of bricks and hours of work creating them.

The insect tent was beautiful, and under cover. I could have stayed in there for hours myself...

"Knowsley #Ultimatebricksafari LEGO insect tent butterflies bugs beetles dragonfly"

Knowsley Safari #Ultimatebricksafari insect tent chameleon lizard abner armadillo

Outside and my youngest was still keen to make use of the play areas...

Knowsley Safari Play Area Ultimate Brick Safari

There are regular talks and displays, including a wild bird display, but the staff will always talk to you and answer any questions you might have - mainly about the living animals who aren't made of LEGO.

Knowsley Safari #Ultimatebricksafari birds of prey vulture eagle parrot

Knowsley Ultimate Brick Safari We found the vulture and we are scared acting family

Knowsley animals LEGO #Ultimatebricksafari penguin kangaroo giraffe sea lion

I was super impressed that Knowsley has lots of places for you to eat your own food (and escape the weather, rain or sun).

Knowsley Safari covered huts for eating and shelter with lots of chairs and tables

We chose to test the meals on site, and the prices and quality in the restaurant were good. The restaurant is a little canteenish, but it has proper fresh food including scouse, kids meals, various panini and good old chips & gravy. It was also good to see bio-plastics and cardboard in use for take out foods, including coffee.

Knowsley Safari Canteen restaurant fresh cooked chicken nice coffee

Knowsley Ultimate Brick Safari child crossing over Wobbly Bridge near tigers

We went to see the tigers after lunch, and one of them was willing to brave the rain for photographs. There was a great display explaining about how logging and loss of habitat is affecting the tigers. There's lots to learn at Knowsley.

Knowsley Safari  Tigers photo opportunity LEGO and real tiger

Is it real, or is it LEGO, could often be answered by "is it far away?". The LEGO animals were enjoying the rain more than the real animals, but it actually allowed us to peep at some of the less brave animals in their dens and nests.

Knowsley Safari #Ultimatebricksafari wolf zebra warthog hyena prairie dog

The bats were really on form. I have to admit to being ecstatic at this photo of the live bats - It's really low light in there and to catch more than what you can make out with your eyes is brilliant. One did a wee on my daughter - be warned if you walk directly underneath, although it is hilarious...

Knowsley Safari Bats real and made from LEGO #Ultimatebricksafari

I actually love the bat models, and although the lion looked a little out of place against the green background, he was gorgeous. His eyes and face had so much emotion.

LEGO brick Lion statue and close up of detail on face

Meerkats are a big favourite, as I think they are for any family with children nowadays. They were great, and the Meerkat on guard to watch for the rain stopping was brilliant! He's my new friend.

Knowsley Ultimate LEGO Brick Safari trail Meerkats

Real Live Meerkat Close up face and torso standing on hind legs

Knowsley Ultimate Brick Safari LEGO ostrich in distance with 2 boys looking in the rain

Over 6,200 hours of building and 1 million LEGO bricks make up the Ultimate Brick Safari and it's definitely worth a visit for any LEGO fan. We didn't spot all 80 models. I forgot to take photos of a couple, but we definitely missed some big ones! Neither of my partner nor I are very fit, but we easily walked around the site and had a brilliant day. We all learned a lot, and not all of it about animals.

My son spotted a tree-expert and went over to find out what she was doing. This particular bubbling phenomena is apparently incredibly rare and occurs when a tree soaks up too much water and needs to get rid of some quickly. It pumps it out as sap, which bubbles and runs down the tree... There's a short video clip on my Instagram Highlights.

Knowsley woodland over-watered tree leaking sap

The Ultimate Brick Safari will be at Knowsley Safari until 2nd September and is included in your entry ticket - as is the Sea Lion Show and all of the animal and bird displays and talks. A LEGO Trail Map costs 50p and includes a chance to WIN a Lego Animal worth £650.

We had Foot Safari Tickets, which cost £10 per person. Standard Admission Tickets include the 5 Mile Driving Safari and cost £17.50adult / £13.50 child or online in advance £15.75 adult / £12.15 child. Family tickets offer even better value. See the Knowsley Safari website for more details and to book tickets.

Knowsley Ultimate Brick Safari 2 adults and 2 children Asleep in van on the way home

Our day out at Knowsley was free of charge to review, and expenses paid towards entry for 2 of our party, meals and travel costs.


  1. This looks awesome. I would love to visit there one day. The lego animals are fab xx

    1. They really are! Next time you visit Manchester or Blackpool, it's only an hour away, so very doable in a day :)


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