Friday 2 August 2019

Stars of Paradise By Mary Obozua Children's Book Review Age 6-9+ (Sent by Hashtag Press).

Stars of Paradise is the first book in The Wonderful Life of Daisy & Ewe (The WLDE) series by Mary Obozua and I've been sent a copy for review by publisher Hashtag Press. Previously better known for her designer shoes and brand Mary Smith, she promises the series to bring girl power, a multicultural cast, mystery and fun packed adventures.

Stars Of Paradise is recommended for young independent readers aged around 6-9 and stars two schoolfriends, Daisy and Ewe.

Stars of Paradise By Mary Obozua Children's Book cover with softly coloured stars and clouds and feathers

Daisy and Ewe are quite girly girls. They're a bit pink and fluffy, but they are also incredibly intelligent and fantastic gadget-makers. These are the sort of heroes I like best. They remind me of my own childhood hero, and really do prove that you should never judge anyone by how they look.

The story starts with the girls as they go on a school trip, and end up foiling a robbery, and this is just a mini adventure before the real story begins. There's a good pace and a lot to keep the interest of a newer reader.

There are no illustrations, but the text is bold and well-spaced, and the language used is easily understood by a younger reader, so it shouldn't be too daunting.

Stars of Paradise By Mary Obozua text example reading age around 7

The action slows a little in the second half of the book, but still revolves around adventure. With the help of her Grape4D, Ewe can draw objects which become real using her version of a 3D 4D pen and some swift coding.

Our pair aren't only good at coding and art, they can also sing, and the main body of the story concerns their entry into the Marshill Carnival talent competition, singing a song they've composed themselves.

Stars Of Paradise is very easy to read and offers young readers heroes they can really respect. I'd have been more than happy for my daughter to have read this, and she'd really have enjoyed it.

Stars of Paradise By Mary Obozua Diversity in childrens books back page blurb

Daisy and Ewe are Nigerian, Danny is Irish and Ayo is Ghanaian. An embarrassing 1% of the children's books published in the UK in 2017 had a BAME main character. In almost every book your children will read, the stars are white. This doesn't reflect our society at all, and all too often children can't even find a hero anything like themselves. Diversity in children's literature needs to increase and this book begins to tackle that..

The Wonderful Life of Daisy & Ewe (WLDE) Stars Of Paradise is a nice story and has plenty happening to keep attention. It values honesty and fairness, talent and brain-power. It has a very good chance of becoming a popular series with young readers, especially girls, and it might well encourage them to have an interest in science, gadgets and coding, and value their own intelligence and abilities.

The Wonderful Life of Daisy & Ewe (WLDE) Stars Of Paradise is written by Mary Obozua and published by Hashtag Press. Paperback, 86 pages, rrp £6.99. Available now from all good bookshops instore and online, including Amazon (affiliate link below).

I was sent my copy of  The Wonderful Life of Daisy & Ewe (WLDE) Stars Of Paradise by Mary Obozua for review. The Amazon link is affiliate, which earns me a few pence 'thank you' if you order  through my link, but never costs you a penny. 

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