Sunday 17 November 2019

#TBCSmiles November.... 63 Months.

I'm super late this month with the TBCSmiles, but I really am not going to offer an apology because I was busy making smiles. I had a lovely birthday on Thursday and then I went on a school trip with my youngest son, followed straight away with a press visit to review Santa's Grotto at Chill Factorᵉ. It was a bit busy and I needed an easier weekend.

My family and me with huge smiles at Chill Factore Manchester 2019

I think one of the biggest problems with the UK and the entire world right now is that we forget how important people are. We are so busy and so stressed that we get on the treadmill and start walking, Our employers, our government, our society and everyone else train us and tell us to keep walking, but we all need to remember to step off regularly.

I panicked a bit that I was going to be late with the TBCSmiles, and planned to do it first thing Saturday morning, but when I saw the smiles we all made on Thursday and Friday, I realised I didn't need to panic. No-one will come to harm if my post is 3 days late, and what I was doing right then was far more important.

It's too easy to lose sight of what is really important.

Boy smiling his biggest smile at Santa Claus Chill Factore Manchester 2019

Everyone who joined in with #TBCSmiles this month saw what was important and they grabbed it, and they managed to capture it in a photo to share with us. Thank you to EVERYONE who joins in, and all are welcome. All you have to do is tag any photo which you post on Instagram that has a grin, smile, laughter or chuckles. Here are 9 of the biggest this month...

TBCSmiles November 2019 63 Months collage of 9 big smiley photos

I hope you managed to create some big smiles yourself. These gorgeous beauties were shared by the following Instagrammers:

ClaireyHarpo / Awomiles / LetsTalkMommy
GenuinePlacebo84 / MyHappyEverAfter / OddHogg
LittleBoo  / JaimeOliverUK / WeMadeThisLife

We really have had an amazing month and made plenty of our own smiles too - thanks in part to press visits to review the Christmas Grotto at Chill Factorᵉ, Pandora's new Milly Bobby Brown range, Manchester Giants Basketball parties and Simulator Adventures aircraft simulator. It was all epic - I'll write up our visit to Santa and do a video and review for Simulator Adventures this week.

Have a good month, and don't forget to pause if you need to. You are no use to anyone if you burn out. We are approaching the time when Christmas stress starts to kick in. All your family and those who love you really need for Christmas from you, is you, the rest is a bonus. 


  1. Such beautiful smiles this month, the Santa photo is my favourite.

  2. Aww look at those lovely smiles. Santa is the best. Looks like a nice month for you all x

  3. Belated happy birthday wishes. Many lovely smiles there.


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