Wednesday 23 September 2020

Big Potato P For Pizza Family Party Game Review (age 8+) Sent by Big Potato

Big Potato have got some brand new games this Autumn, and they've sent us a bunch to take a look at. The first is P for Pizza - and as usual there's no lengthy set-up time, it has easy instructions and anyone can play. 

P For Pizza is suitable for 2-4 players aged around 8+. It's a fast-paced game and you'll need to be pretty quick to be in with a chance of winning! It's far more funny than seriously competitive though... 

P for Pizza game resting in grenn shredded paper with card saying get it while it's hot

Big Potato have amazing modern design, and their packaging is always bold and really attractive. P For Pizza is no exception, and naturally it's shaped like a Pizza slice. EVERYTHING is plastic-free, the cards are even held together with paper during transit (nice one). 

Included is a sheet of cool little stickers, which we did fight over (so hide them before you show anyone else)....

Contents of P for Pizza game box displayed on table

There is nothing complicated about the gameplay at all. Place a stack of the double-sided triangular cards in the centre of the table, category side up, then flip over 3 cards to place around the edges letter side up. When you're ready to start, reveal a fresh category card. 

Big Potato P for Pizza game cards set up on table

Players must match up an answer beginning with the letter which is closest to the category. The first player to shout out a correct answer wins the card with the letters on. 

All players have to start by getting 5 x any coloured answers correct, then 3 x yellow (medium) or red (hardest) answers, then you have to have 1 x red (pink) answer. It means the game can get a bit tricky towards the end - just as the tension is building you find yourself stuck for words! 

game in progress P for pizza by big potato full table

You arrange the cards you win on the table, and the first player to get a complete pizza pyramid is the winner. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this. My 10 year old was at a bit of a disadvantage at first, but once he'd got into the mindset of thinking of random words, he didn't do too badly. It's quick, really quick, which means sometimes you blurt out the first thing that comes into your head - even when it's really wrong! 

my family Playing P for Pizza Big Potato Games

An excellent game if you want something quick, light and also intelligent. It really wakes your brain up, and is a fantastic start to a games night. Each game only takes about 20 minutes, even with 4 players, and there really isn't any chance of ever 'learning all of the best answers', so you'll have a different game every time. 

P For Pizza is made and distributed by Big Potato, and suitable for 2-4 players aged 8+, although younger players may need a little help at first, and may not keep up if it does get really competitive. It's priced at an incredibly reasonable £12.99 and is available in toy and games stockists nationwide, including direct from the Big Potato website

We've worked with Big Potato for a long time now, and been sent some fabulous games to play with. You can find all of our Big Potato game reviews here.... 

We were sent our copy of P For Pizza game by Big Potato for review. 

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