Monday 21 September 2020

Hexbug Flash Nano Orbit Review (Age 3+) Sent For Review.

This Autumn Hexbug have some new products, including Hexbug Flash Nano - and we've been sent the Orbit set to review. New Hexbug are always welcome here, they're very well played with. Suitable for age 3+, the Orbit opens up a new world for familiar Hexbug Nano bots, and the brand new super-sized Flash Nano Bot...

Hexbug Flash Nano Orbit package showing bots through little window

The Hexbug Flash Nano Orbit Set (£12.50rrp) is a great 14 piece set with 6 walls, 6 joints and 2 bots - 1 regular Hexbug Nano and 1 new Flash Nano. The Flash Nano Bot is really big, really fast, and lights up, so it is a bit special. If you haven't seen Hexbugs before, they are small powered robots with plastic legs, and they vibrate in such a way that they run about like little robotic bugs. 

Hexbug Nano and Nano Flash side by side on top of instruction leaflet

Packaging is very much card, with a small amount of plastic, and it's great to see that Hexbug are making that change. You can pop the window out and use the box for storage afterwards. 

Contents of Hexbug Nano Flash pack cardboard packaging

The set has flexible rubbery 'jelly' triangular tubes and white connecting joints, and it's really well designed. It's incredibly light and easy to put together or take apart, even during play, but the Hexbugs can't move it because the rubbery texture grips to the surface. 

flexible hexbug nano flash jelly walls

You really can create whatever shape you like, and there's plenty of scope even in this set, but you can collect and put sets together to create an even bigger play area / arena / race track etc. 

Flash Nano Orbit playground set up on table

Loads of fun. I'm sure anyone who has played with Hexbugs has yearned for an easy solution to stop them running away and falling off the table, this is far better than our usual trick of surrounding them with books and coffee mug coasters! 

Hexbug Flash Nano jelly wall layouts and Flash Nano Bot

It really is incredibly well done. It looks great, it feels lovely and tactile, and the Nano Bots don't catch on the edges at all - ours haven't become stuck once. Completely frustration-free instant play. You can find all of my Hexbug reviews here.... 

Flash Nano Orbit jelly walls flexible

The Flash Nano sets start at under £7 for a starter pack. Replacement and additional Nano Bots are under £5 each. Here's a handy affiliate link to the Hexbug Store on Amazon, where you'll find all of the new products, as well as some long time favourites.  

We were sent our Hexbug Flash Nano Orbit for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence thank you if you order through my link, but you don't pay any more. 


  1. We’ve always loved Hexbugs! The boys are 9&10 and they still play with them.

    1. They are an excellent toy for those bigger 'tween' kids, aren't they - and yes, I really love it when they get these out too :D


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