Thursday 16 September 2021

September 2021 85 Months #TBCSmiles...

I'll start with my apology,  the smiles are a day late, and that's because I was stressing over an important hospital appointment this morning, and I just couldn't get into the headspace for writing anything yesterday. I guess we all have those days, even me, and I don't think allowing yourself to let go a little if you can is losing. I think it's protecting your own mental health.
Thankfully my appointment went swimmingly, and in 3 months I should have an idea of when I'll have some pretty major surgery. And crikey, the surgeon is the nicest bloke. I could have hugged him - so there are plenty of smiles from me today. 

Annoyingly I then got home to discover my Internet had the power of a baby's breath, and uploading photos wasn't happening, or this post would have been live many hours earlier... 

My two boys - both in high school uniform with smat grey blazers and ties

There are thankfully many smiles from you guys - we had loads over the last month - including all of those children in shiny shoes and new oversized uniforms, ready to go back to in-person school. Full of anticipation and nerves, especially when the school is new to them. You can also see Summer turning to Autumn over the last month, the blue is less, and the orange is creeping in...

A huge thank you to everyone who has shared their smiles. This month really feels that a lot of people have relaxed a little, and settled into a less strained rhythm. It's calmer and it shows on your faces  - there are some huge beamers!

Below are just 9 of the smiles shared over the last month. Anyone is welcome to join in, just use the hashtag #tbcsmiles on Instagram - any smile is worth sharing, because they're contagious, and each one adds some warmth to your heart...

Collage of 9 square photos of smiling faces

Thanks to the following Instagrammers for sharing these smiles:

Superbusymum / Mrsamylfox / Twin.Mama.Mo
Mrsshilts / Mumturnedmom / Oddhogg
Jaimeoliveruk / Suburbanmum / Goingonanadventureblog

My family made our own smiles too, and I captured a few on camera. I collect them to remind us why we keep going even when it's a struggle, and to prove to us that we can do it. And we can do it.

Collage of photos of my own family's photos


  1. Aww those smiles are the best. They really do brighten a dreich day. Love the back to school photo. The boys are the cutest xxx

    1. They really are - and it is lovely to see you back online. I hope your health is improving x


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